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Friday, November 19, 2010

Blogging Achievements

My blogging site has broken more milestones thanks to all of you and Loyalist PR.  Thank you all again, hope I continue to get your support.  I am trying to keep up with the posting but my school day has been getting longer.
This all started with one class; the class turned into an experience, which then switched to an interest.  The assignment was to post PR blogs once a week, so I gave them more.  I do have to thank Loyalist PR for teaching me how to do this; this proves blogging works as social media and my blogger report show how it can work for businesses.  
This all started so fast, with the first milestones being broken in the first 24 hours, as you can read it in my post called, "Bloggers Success Comes With A Thank-You".  Couple day later came was“Blog Site Reaches Milestones”.  A week later I posted “One Week, One Thousand”, which was my first one thousand page views that had come in the first week of blogging.  Even when I started on blogger half way through the month of October on the 15th, I still blogged “October’s Success”.
Now it has been over a month of blogging and on the 14th I got my 2,500 page views, thanks to all of you.  There has been 36 total post, and seven different categories.  The categories include Blogger Reports, Blogging Success/Milestone Blogs, Branding Blogs, International News Blogs, Local New Blogs, Loyalist PR Blogs, and Video Game Blogs.   The page views equal 2,730, right now.

My Top 5 Posts:

Thank You All Again, Please Keep Viewing & Reading My Posts.

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