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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Effective Brand Advertising

Advertising can be a hard task in the world today.  We all know how much we hate commercials, it’s most commonly used as a break, to get a drink or use the washroom.  Most people would say TV commercials are a waste of money, when advertising for that reason.  Not many people will talk about commercials but this one was discussed in classrooms.
Last year Old Spice came out with one of the most effective commercials of the year.  Most people will already know the commercials I am talking about as it was previewed at the Super Bowl last year.  I did not watch the Super Bowl but had seen it on TV a few days later.  The first commercial was so successful they had made a few more, like a series of commercials.  I had not known how big it was until it was taught in my Loyalist PR class.  The lesson was in semester one but it has just stuck in my head ever since, than I saw it again the other day.
I am not 100% sure what made this advertising so successful.  It could have been the fact that it confuses you, which gives you the need to watch it again to understand it.  Well that was how it affected me the first time I had saw it.  Maybe it was what he was saying, or maybe the way he looked, Im not 100% sure.   In my opinion, it was the most effective commercial for Old Spice and the funniest commercial of the year.
I know of five commercials, one which is the good-bye video, which I have not seen viewed on television.  I am not sure if they are done with these commercial, but I am sure they became less effective with time.  It does make me wonder how Old Spice plans to create a better commercial.
The You Tube Video of the first commercial was only 33 seconds long, was posted eleven months ago and has already been viewed 29 millions times.
Commercial Links
Good-bye Video


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