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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Not Good-Bye!!

Today is November 30, 2010 and this week is just not going my way.
I had planned on getting so many more post in before today but I just have not had enough time.
And today my final post was to be handed in before 9 o clock in the morning, so I posted: Loyalist PR Accepts the Challenge and Challenges all, as my last post.
I than posted a couple because they were some I had planned on doing but did not have time.
I was working on this on my phone today because I have not had time to be near a computer and my computer died in class today, I hate that.  With so much running around and the bus  drivers in Belleville driving crazy I miss click and hit discard to my 5 paragraphs of texting a blog on my phone.  So I waited to do some more running around and than jump on the next bus an hour later and start all over, to just come home and fix it all before i posted it.  I still blogged from a phone.
I am to guess my post this morning was the last one to be marked as it was before 9 o clock but I am not sure because we only had to post 8 posts all semester and I have done 50 so yeah I’m not  sure.  That is kind of funny but I enjoyed this, it just goes to show if one course sucks then switch to another because Loyalist PR was amazing to me.
I just have to say this has been an amazing experience blogging, I am sure I will look amazing in the portfolio, with 3,600 page views in more than a dozen countries around the world in just over a month.
Loyalist PR was Amazing.   This here proves that what they are teaching works and works well.  I knew nothing of this a couple months and ago and now look at this.  You can make money before finishing your first semester, bonus.  The semester has been a blast and I can’t wait till the next one.  Check out first post ever, view first ever blog post, here.
I do have to admit I am going to take a break for a couple days because for one; I am in the War Child Challenge, which is no social media for 24 hours and I have a lot of other work to do, but I will be bloging again in a few days.  my blog post may slow down due to it's not an assignment anymore and i will be busy with others but i will keep posting, so keep reading please.  War child challenge blog post is here.
Blogging all day would be already to get paid for.
A Recap of some blog post you should read;
Other Post 1: The Social Revolution
Other Post 2: Paying Your Respects

Talk To You All Later!!

PR To The Rescue!!

Just a quick blog to tell you how PR can save a bad branding choose.
In Loyalist PR I have learn some interesting cases from the past and look at them kind of differently.  Had look into and learned some interesting information about Michael Vick’s case.  This was all because a fellow classmate had done an assignment on the topic and I was interested.
A little information on who Michael Vick is.  He was the first overall draft pick to the Atlanta Falcons in 2001 a NFL team (National Football League).  The highest paid player in the league at one time.  He had a huge name in the NFL as an icon and is now working on getting it back.
What did he do? It’s started a drug raid and ended him when he plead guilty for the dog fighting ring and got a suspended sentence.  It was report he killed the one that would not fight. I totally agree he should have done much longer than he did do.  he also lost 10 million in endorsements from other brands.
When everything was going on did you think he would ever play in the NFL, again?
In the end, in my opinion his Public Relations team had done an amazing job of changing the story from what he has done, to what he is now doing for the dogs to help them now.  To me it still doesn’t matter, but I will let you read in on it and have your own opinion.  Click here to read an article about his return.
He plays for the Eagles now and is on and X Box 360 game cover.  He is on the Madden NFL 10 for the X Box 360.

Huge Branding, Helps Create New Brands

The Pepsi Corporation known as PepsiCo is holding a campaign titled the “Pepsi’s Refresh Project”.
The Pepsi Refresh Project is a Campaign to “Refresh the World” as PepsiCo like to say.  The campaigns website is  The events are held one after other on different intelligently scheduled months, which they call each one a “Cycle”. 
The project is to have people post their ideas on the site and other vote on which should get the grants from PepsiCo. 
Each person that wants to post has to choose which category they would like to post under.  There are only six different categories.  The categories include health, arts and culture, food and shelter, the planet, neighbourhoods, and educations.

PepsiCo used a well thought out and planned a head plan for their campaign.  Starting this campaign on such social media tool like twitter and facebook was an amazing idea.  With Social media being the biggest era of communication ever and with most growing generations living on social media, it is safe to say there was no better way to start their campaign.
PepsiCo took a huge risk pulling out of the Super Bowl ads but with the change of this being more useful was a good idea, in my opinion.  I think at the begin of the campaign the security should have been a big thing, they should have tasted it and retested it, with something as private as company plans, they should have been on top of it before it even happened.

Now, an article I found states that the campaign had problems after starting the campaign.  The campaign has been reported to have security problems are the start or the campaign.  The problem was while people were summiting posts; their private information was send to the wrong person. (Erica Schonfeld, 2010).  PepsiCo did reportedly jumped on the situation fast, by doing everything the needed to and they did it properly.
After everything i think its is still an amazing idea to inform people of this and just maybe we could get some new interesting brands and companies in the future.
So Go Vote or Post Now

It's Taking Over The World, So Let's Use It to Make Money!!!!

You can’t run from it.  You can’t ignore it.
You can’t hide from it. You must join it.
Social media is everywhere. 
You can argue the fact, but you would be wrong!!
My blog post on The Social Revolution explains it, when it started with Facebook.  Facebook is an epically growing trend that will never be stopped.  Twitter capitalizing on the business world, as well as they can.
Now, move over Facebook and Twitter, here comes Foursquare.
Foursquare in my opinion is amazing for business to get involved with there are just too many benefits for a business to be involved with them and no down falls.
Wiki says Foursquare is; Foursquare is a location-based social networking website, software for mobile devices. Users "check-in" at venues using a mobile website, text messaging or a device-specific application.[2] They are then awarded points and sometimes "badges."
Now, Foursquare is still quite new and is growing every day.  With people like myself every day helping develop the locations and checking-in everywhere, I think Foursquare is nothing of what it will be in one year from now.  There is an article that says Foursquare will overtake Twitter, for daily users.  Here is the link.

Will Foursquare become the new twitter?  It's up to you!!!
Business can team up with Foursquare, giving out awards for customers that, checks in or even creating a badge they can obtain by doing something at the store.  Foursquare also has other aspects like the person whom signs in the most in one month becomes the mayor of that location and some stores are even offering discounts to their mayors.  Here is an article on how Starbucks is teaming up with Foursquare. 
In my opinion, if a business doesn’t use Foursquare or if Foursquare is gone in a year, I will be extremely shocked, I will even be shocked if I don’t see it improve in the next month or two.  In the Future i think you will not make money without it.
Foursquare can be monitored on the computers but you need to downloaded and can be done from any type of phone to be able to check-in to locations.   You will not be able to check in if you are not in the location.
Foursquare has an option to leave tips for others to read; no matter whether they are good or bad, the truth need heard.  Foursquare will be amazing for bring bad business down and rising he better ones.
If our local store owners were to jump on these opportunities, they could get a head start on this big corporations, and maybe even be able to take more of a piece of pie when it comes to sales.

What is more important? Money or Time?  because it only takes a short time to learn these skills, which could make you much more money!!!!

I am addicted, I will become the master of Foursquare.

Loyalist PR Accepts the Challenge and Challenges all

What is the challenge?’s for the cause
Thanks to one of our classmates, we're jumping on the new challenge here in the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program. (loyalist PR)
The challenge is to go without social media for 24 hours tomorrow.  The event starts from 9 am Wednesday, November 1st to 9 am Thursday, November 2nd.
War Child was the group that had started this and challenged us.
Why? 1)War Child has challenged us 2) to see if we can do it 3) to encourage us all to connect with one another using face-to-face communication and 4) to help raise awareness for a great cause.
So let me know if you accept the challenge it includes NO FACEBOOK, Twitter, Texting or even emailing.

Silence for 24 hours.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What is the Problem in Belleville, Ontario?

I understand every city has its problems and some communities in Belleville are really good to live in but you can’t stay in your community forever.  I am not sure what the problem is with this city.  Is it that Belleville doesn’t have much?  Belleville has a struggling downtown with homeless people and all of its resources on or near Bell Boulevard; you just need to go out.
There is not much to do in Belleville for adults there is a little more but were busy trying to provide for the house.  The only thing for adults being what they call “nightclubs”.  In Belleville for kids there is nothing, I grew up here and hated it.  I am not sure why but the town has only gotten worse with time. 
Now with the national case of “Russell Williams”, other teenage murders and child criminals, I’m not sure how much longer I want to stay here to hope it gets better.  I’m in what I think to be the worst neighbourhood in Belleville and I understand I could move but with more problems happening and no improvement showing anywhere.  If I’m going to move it’s out of Belleville, Ontario.
What is the Problem with this town? Maybe it is because this is not just one problem with this town, is there to many problems?
I see; a struggling downtown that has shown no signs of coming back to life, an elementary school system with troubled kids and a problem teaching some kids to read, a high school system troubled with drop-outs and teen pregnancy, a housing system for criminals, a bus service that is overpriced and unreliable, dirt taxis, nothing for entertainment, and no hope from me anymore.
I did hear that Belleville has the safest road in Ontario.

Blogger Report: Belleville’s Most Troubled Community

There are buildings in Belleville owned by Belleville's Hastings Housing.  Belleville's Hastings Housing is a government owned organization.  Belleville's Hastings Housing provides houses for low incomes families to help them with their rent.
When my girlfriend and I had our child and we had gotten this house, it was perfect being down the road from Loyalist College and is right across the street from Loyalist’s off campus housing because we both are attending college at Loyalist.
I had moved to the Elgin & Tripp St. complexes a few years ago.  When we had moved here the neighbourhood was a thousand times worse.  I can recall waking up in the morning, seeing people over-doseing in the park, as I watched the flies swarm the park because it’s was nothing but a litter box for the neighbourhoods stray animals, this is all well I stood there and counted the amount of dead animals laying in the ditches. 
The pathetic part of these complexes are that they are for “low income families”, yet I still see people living here without kids in them, when I moved in here, I could swear there were more houses filled with dope plants than there were houses filled with kids.  Most the kids that are here are not being taken care of.  I have seen and heard; 3 year olds, tell their parents off, and use the play equipment as a washroom, or even gang beaten by other groups of kids.
The complex is the only complex that builds a fence around their dumpster to keep the people out, which in the summer it gets so bad you can’t open your windows or even sit outside because it smells like the Belleville dump.  Not to mention the whole town comes and unloads truckloads full of garbage into parking lot beside the dumpster.
Last year the complex started to clean up after the raid on one of the houses, and they pulled fifty something millions dollars of heroin plus plants out of a house where kids didn’t even live.
In the last two week there has been countless brake and enters in the area, and I think housing need to step up and kick the criminals out.  These building are for families not criminals, I know families that have been waiting almost ten years to get into these building, so stop housing the criminals.
In my opinion and now tell me if i am wrong?Belleville's Hastings Housing should be a privilege not a last resort, a shelter can do the same things for these criminals and not let them grow their dope indoors, and rob others while they do it.
Belleville's Hastings Housing
Should Smarten Up!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Bell Saves a Displeased, Frustrated Rogers Customer.

Thank You, Justin at The T Booth in the Belleville Quinte Mall for saving me, I highly recommended dealing with him for any kind of phone.  He was straight up, didn’t lie, and got me what I wanted.
As I just blog in my blog; Rogers Loses a Life Time Customers I had a lot of Rogers problems and bell saved me.  Roger kept trying to sell me the stupid Sony Ericsson, now it is not that the X10 didn't look better then the Vivaz Pro, it did but I’m sorry Sony Ericsson, Rogers killed your experience with me, I will never go Sony Ericsson again.
Bell saved me and I love the Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone, it was what I wanted and more.  I don’t care if it was a little more, I care about the service I get from the provider and Rogers just showed me how unprofessional and uneducated they are to me.
To add to it all, Rogers sent me a bill in the mail today for like 50 bucks, it has not even been a week since I purchased their phone and I returned it not even 72 hour after having it, never got to use it because it never worked.  Rogers, you’re funny.
Thank You, again Justin, at The T Booth in Belleville Quinte Mall for saving me.

Rogers Loses a Life Time Customer

Rogers was one of my favoured brands in its industry.  It is sad to see Rogers starting to fall, they are all over the news, in court rooms, and now pissing off their customers and lying to them.  Rogers what are you doing, smarten up.
It started when I wanted a phone, thanks to Loyalist PR.  At the time Rogers was one of my more trusting brands to go to, and I knew nothing about these smart phones.  If they would have told me the phone hovers above my lap as I texted, I would have believed them. 
So I entered and looked at phones, after waiting a while for the understaffed Roger Plus store to assist me in my questions, they had answered my questions which were, I wanted an android smart phone, they showed me one and I asked if they has one with a standard full keyboard, and they appointed me to the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro.
That is where the problems started.  I got phone the phone didn’t work, because they set me up on a wrong plan, so I had to call the HQ and change my bill, which they tried to charge me for.  After, I did that the phone still didn’t work; HQ tells me it’s becuase, it’s a symbian, not an android, which pissed me right off.   nothing worked on it and i had to return it for a new one.  Once I find out this, I was complaining because ROGERS LIED TO ME, AND SET ME UP ON A CONTRACT I DID NOT ASK FOR.
I had problem exchanging the phone, I had problems with returning the phone, and in a fight over the phone with their HQ telling me they had to follow ROGERS policies and the ROGERS PLUS STORE is telling me they don’t.  30 minutes later and Rogers plus DID NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW ROGERS POLICIES.


NEXT BLOG: Bell Saves a Displeased, Frustrated Rogers Customer.  Thank You, Justin at The T Booth in Belleville Quinte Mall for saving me, I highly recommended dealing with him for any kind of phone.  He was straight up, didn’t lie, and got me what I wanted.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Loyalist PR & War Child: "War Is NOT For Children"

A Strong Message That Needs To Be Heard, This Video says it all.
"War Is NOT For Children"
This is just a quick blog on a follow up on one of my other posts, which is  Loyalist PR & Parenting.  If you have not had time to check out my blog on Loyalist PR & Parenting, you should.
I am not going to blog about War Child because no one could do it better than they already have so I have links to their blog on the right hand sidebar under: Kw Important Blog Links, or just Click Here.
I just wanted to say their video makes me sad and I think everyone should watch it. 
The video says all that needs to be said, so here is the link:
Please Watch
Plus Loyalist PR Assisted with it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Canadian Branding

They provide a flavourful, variety and high-quality menu to Canadians of all ages and tastes.  A number of you could not forget it if you tried or its little jingle. The company has become a leader in the quick service segment of the Canadian foodservice industry and one of the top pizza restaurant chains in the country.  They enjoy serving everyone on the go. 
The Brand is most commonly known as Pizza Pizza.  Pizza Pizza Limited was founded in 1967 in toronto, Canada.  Since then has become Ontario's number one pizza restaurant chain.
Pizza Pizza is a franchise-driven restaurant company.

The company is lead by its mission statement which is:
Always the best food, Made especially for you

Pizza Pizza Targets anyone on the go, who are not willing to sacrifice taste for quality and flavor.
Pizza Pizza enjoys staying as a menu innovator, thinking of food quality and consumer trends with products offerings such as multi-grain and trans fat-free dough.  Pizza Pizza was the first to introduce the new dough into their menu, attaching others.  Fact; Whole wheat multi-grain dough is made with 25% less sodium than regular.
Pizza and club cards are always available.  Pizza cards are cards you load with money and use at a later time or give as a gift. Club Cards are used to redeem points and trade them in for free products or pizza, and discounts.
Master Pizza Spinner
Pizza Pizza has a whole event based on spinning dough into pizza.  The competition is internationally held around the world.  Master pizza spinner and who is the newest member of the widely spread out Pizza Pizza “family” is Juan.  There is master pizza spinning events held all over the world.  Juan won the Gold Medal representing Canada at this year’s international Pizza Championship in Naples Italy.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Amazing Local Branding

This is an Intelligencers article I found amazing.
The article is about a new campaign happening in the local area titled
“Respect – Pass it on”.
Loyalist College started this campaign last week and it started with a huge success, being visible everywhere.  Whether you’re across town or in school the message is clear read and understood with many people following it.  The campaign can be seen anywhere/ the campaign runs from November 15-19 to generate awareness for an important issue, which is National Bullying Prevention.
I think this is a good campaign to hold in this town, due to the fact we have so many troubled people.  I have lived in this town for most of my life, and I have never seen so much disrespect.  With the amount of disrespect you see in this area you would think the town was a third world country.  This area desperately needs educations.  Belleville is mostly under uneducated, it's not funny.  With Loyalist College being most likely the only thing that proved this area with true education, I think they are doing an amazing job with this campaign.
Now, I don’t think the world will ever change bullying, it’s been happening since the caveman era.   I was a young kid raised being made fun of my whole life.   I watched kids get bullied every day, as I got bullied.  I never thought about killing myself, I thought about killing the others that are making fun of people, it didn’t make much sense to me to think about killing myself.
I truly think it’s not bullying that needs to be stopped, even as adults we try to keep up with the “jones” and trying to be better than everyone else, it’s called competition for relationships, jobs, careers, and life.  It is education we need, whether it is glasses, braces, race or gender, your clothes or your sexuality, you are who you are.  You can’t change everything and you can’t make everyone love you, even if Obama "the United States or America’s President" cant get everyone to like him.  When someone attempts to bully you, its only bullying if you let it be bullying.  When people called me four eyes, I gave them a gold star of be observant.
Overall, respect is huge, but in the end you are what you are, and education will get you where you need to go.  If you didn’t let them bug you, they would stop wasting their time; they do it because they have their own problem they can’t deal with.
You will not stop bullying, the tables will turn, the bully becomes the one being bullied, and the one that gets bullied becomes the bully.  In the end, it is really the education of the individuals that you laugh at, and remember the one that laugh last laughs, loudest and best.

The True Colors of Loyalist PR

True Colors is so interesting, you have to check it out.
Last week an instructor had come in and done a workshop on true colors with our class, this was not the first time I have done True Colors.  The workshop was useful, it teach you a lot about your classmates.
The workshop will teach you about the colors then show you how to work better with each color.  Each color has different strengths, weaknesses, skills, and every influence each one differently.  Showing us the way each color works best and how to work with them.  All of the informations from the true colors workshop is useful information, as it I hard to work  with some people.
What is True Colors?

The Four Colours:
Gold represents value and goals, stability, commitment, responsible, organized, supports institutions, on-time, efficiency, dependable, Law abiding, reliable and structured.
Blue represents friendship, helpfulness, soft hearted, respectful, strong connection with emotions and sensitivity, good communicator, good patience and giving, an all around humanitarian.
Green represents expression of logic, existence and curiosities of nature; is always looking for the logic answer, determined, insightful, always looking for explanations and the greater cause, need reasoning for everything.
Orange promotes movement, motivation and excitement; being risk taker, ambitions, embrace everything, jump in head first, playful and lots of energy, never looking back, always trying new things.
A few stresses of each color:
Gold doesn’t like Inefficiency, Lack of order, lack of leadership, waiting, change, inconsistency, and lack of control.
Blue dislikes judgemental people, time limits, chaos, injustice, no hugs and no support.
Green hates noise, not knowing, other people, time, know-it-alls, and limits.
Orange doesn’t like too many “golds”, lack of cash, lack of passion, lack of sex, paperwork, unbendable rules, schedules and low-esteem.
What am I?
I am not one color.  I started one color but now I am skitsofrantically all four of them.  In my first week of college I was (Gold 11, Orange 16, Blue 10, and Green 23), which was interesting, I was told it was because I seeking an educations.
In my second year of college is was (Gold 15, Orange 15, Blue 13, and Green 17), which was the first time I was more mixed in the colors.  Both of the first two tests were down when I was in Loyalist College Business Administration program, also being done by the same instructor. 
Now I am in the Public Relations program, and took the test again from the same instructor.  This time I ended up with (Gold 16, Orange 16, Blue 13, and Green 15).  There was not much change I am still mixed, I was just told by the instructor that my colors change and I adapt to every situation, however I find needed, weird eh.
True Colors is so interesting and I can’t wait to see how my colors change next year, I highly recommend anyone that has not done this with a group of people, they must try it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Loyalist PR & National Philanthropy Day

When I had heard about National Philanthropy Day, I had no idea what I was.  Leading up to the day before I still didn’t know what the National Philanthropy Day or what Philanthropy even meant, so I turned to google and googled it.
I learned Wiki definition is; “Philanthropy is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind.”
That didn’t tell me much, I still didn’t understand what I would be doing the day of the event.
The day for Loyalist PR started early as we had to car pool to Kingston from our school in Belleville.  It had been down pouring all night, and on and off raining all morning, which didn’t make the drive any better or easier.  I do have to say I and Loyalist PR enjoyed the amazing day of speakers and networking.
To explain the event a little more it was about and sponsored by the AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals).  AFP is a large group of people from all around the world, that network and discuss events and matters, which will help communities and people all around the world.
Loyalist PR assisted in many different roles, including students visiting the town the night before and helping set-up.  I had not much to do this day but networking, listening, and learning, as my job had already been completed.  Overall, I had a great day, heard some interesting stories and learned some good information.  Thank You AFP for the Invite.

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