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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Not Good-Bye!!

Today is November 30, 2010 and this week is just not going my way.
I had planned on getting so many more post in before today but I just have not had enough time.
And today my final post was to be handed in before 9 o clock in the morning, so I posted: Loyalist PR Accepts the Challenge and Challenges all, as my last post.
I than posted a couple because they were some I had planned on doing but did not have time.
I was working on this on my phone today because I have not had time to be near a computer and my computer died in class today, I hate that.  With so much running around and the bus  drivers in Belleville driving crazy I miss click and hit discard to my 5 paragraphs of texting a blog on my phone.  So I waited to do some more running around and than jump on the next bus an hour later and start all over, to just come home and fix it all before i posted it.  I still blogged from a phone.
I am to guess my post this morning was the last one to be marked as it was before 9 o clock but I am not sure because we only had to post 8 posts all semester and I have done 50 so yeah I’m not  sure.  That is kind of funny but I enjoyed this, it just goes to show if one course sucks then switch to another because Loyalist PR was amazing to me.
I just have to say this has been an amazing experience blogging, I am sure I will look amazing in the portfolio, with 3,600 page views in more than a dozen countries around the world in just over a month.
Loyalist PR was Amazing.   This here proves that what they are teaching works and works well.  I knew nothing of this a couple months and ago and now look at this.  You can make money before finishing your first semester, bonus.  The semester has been a blast and I can’t wait till the next one.  Check out first post ever, view first ever blog post, here.
I do have to admit I am going to take a break for a couple days because for one; I am in the War Child Challenge, which is no social media for 24 hours and I have a lot of other work to do, but I will be bloging again in a few days.  my blog post may slow down due to it's not an assignment anymore and i will be busy with others but i will keep posting, so keep reading please.  War child challenge blog post is here.
Blogging all day would be already to get paid for.
A Recap of some blog post you should read;
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Talk To You All Later!!

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