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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Brand with Five Star Customer Service

Customer service that is so great it can improve the product you purchased with-out you buying another one.  No, you don’t even need to return the item for them to fix it or replace your old one.  Wouldn’t you love it if that was how every company worked?  Life would have a lot less stress and line ups, it would almost be like world peace.
The Brand is Blizzard Entertainment is not a new company.  Blizzard has been around for more than 17 years.  Founded in 1991, Blizzard Entertainment is an American video game developing company.  There first great hit was Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, which was the games, which lead to all four of Blizzards successes.  Blizzards four great successes are the Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo and World of Warcraft series.
In the 90’s Blizzard was all over the video games scene.  Warcraft: Orcs and humans started the Warcraft series in 1994, and five year later Warcraft II, was released in 1999.  Warcraft in my opinion was a #1 game of its time and blew all other away in the late 90’s.
In 1997, Diablo series started in 1997, and was a beloved game by many but in my opinion had a lot of glitch problems, which needed to be dealt with but was still a huge success in the late 90’s and still being played online today.  The game was shortly followed by its expansion series by the end of the 90’s.
Starcraft hit stores in march of 1998, and was a huge game for years, being played online for long periods of time.  Starcraft was one of the first games of its kind and took people by storm.  Starcraft was also followed by one expansion which in my opinion was good but the original was better and more balanced.
Blizzard Entertainment hit a gold mine when they release World of Warcraft , known as WoW, in September of 2001.  Since then Wow has become the #1 game online, with over 12 million subscribers as of October 2010.  The series has just released a new expansion for WoW, and the success does not look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.  In my opinion Wow is amazing, being a game addicted, Wow is not for me because I would spend 24/7 tiring to become the best, there are just too many people for me on WoW.
It did look like Blizzard had found their gold mine and were only focusing on it, to make it the best ever.  For many year it was what Blizzard was doing and don’t get me wrong they did it well, look how big WoW is now.  Blizzard didn’t give up, releasing Starcraft II in 2010 more than 10 years after the original.  They are working on a new Diablo, which I hope is amazing, it would be cool to see something replace World of Warcraft, Diablo could.
Starcraft II came out and I got it as soon as it did.  The game is amazing, its keep improving and I don’t have to do anything but downloads updates.  It is one of the few games that once you buy it you will not have to purchase anything else to play it.  Starcraft II is Epic and I can’t wait for the expansion.  You can never get bored with starcraft as there are millions of games with the one game, the new game modes do need to be downloaded from Blizzard.Net and take no time at all.
You got to love Blizzard, but i have one question for them; where is your Console? WoW and other Blizzard game  on their on consoles would be epic for decades.

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