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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Loyalist PR Christmas Get Together

Loyalist PR had a get together with the students after semester one was over, for a little Christmas get together.  In one house? This was understandable for the small classes Loyalist College has had for Loyalist’s Public Relations Course in the following years.  This year we started with 42-44 students, more than double some of the years in the past.  Personal I thought we would do it at Loyalist College but one of my classmate had suggested we could have the get together at his house, he had enough room for the all of us.  Now, my class is a wild bunch, I was sure he could not fit us all, if we did all fit it would be a tight fit.
As arrived I had to slap myself to make sure  I was not sleeping because the driveway I had just pulled into looked like something out of a fairy tale movie.  Yard as far as the eye could see, with forest all around, and mansion in the middle, I must add a dozen like 25 foot solar panels in the back yard.
The day was amazing.  We started with some socializing and exploring the giant house.  I must say the house was epic. 

The get together was a pot luck, so everyone had brought something, and I must say the food was also amazing.  The class had planed out a Secret Santa for the class to do, with the limit of a $10 dollar gift, which was another amazing idea the instructor thought of.

We all were all given a secret gift, which was a personalized 2011 calendar, from the instructor.  The day was filled with fun, song, socializing, food, and just an all around good day.
I must say thank you to the classmate that hosted the event, also opening his wine up to us, everything was amazing.

Loyalist PR is such a friendly course, but the Christmas break is needed for this student.

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