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Friday, December 10, 2010

Blogger Report: Twittens, Hands Need Them !!

First, I have to say, I like the name (Twitter + mittens), nice.
A friend I met in my Business Admin. Class last year, had come up to me and had shown me this product he had and his company was selling.  I got looking at them and I’m going order three pairs, I didn’t need to think much about it.  Good idea, new work.
The gloves say enough for themselves, I do think they are an amazing idea.  They have a Facebook pages ( Twitten ), in the info it says “the gloves of the text generation “
        I think they would be useful even if you don’t text, but I think they would be key for people that do text.
        Also, a great idea for a x-mas gift.  The gloves are only 19.99 CND
The product made it way to the Toronto star and explains the story more if you would like to know more. The article is “Twittens deliver frostbite-free texting” published Dec. 6 2010.
In my opinion the gloves still say enough themselves. So please check them out.  Here is the website:
You can follow them on Twitter, too. @Twittens_ca

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  1. Thanks for the twittens love! One key point: they are gloves for the text generation, not test. We hate tests! I'm afraid unless you've already ordered them you won't get them for Christmas - but we'll get them to everyone as soon as we can!
    Stay warm & all the best! Lincoln


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