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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stupidity at Its Finest

Earlier this week I was researching other blogs, checking out different lay-outs and setups.  While I was searching I had found an interesting blog.  The blog shocked, angered and left me speechless.  The subject of the blog had made me scratching my head.  The only explanation I had was their uneducated.
I am not that old, my teenage years were not that long ago.  Thinking the world was in my hands and setting the rule, being a teenager was the best.  We all know what it is like as a teen, doing some of the dumbest things of our lives as a teen.  Teens these days are doing some of the dumbest things I have ever heard of; with things like “the choking game” I don’t know where their common sense has gone.  As a teen, I would have laughed if someone told me they were doing that.
This blog I had found is titled “Ashes to asses, dust to dolts”.  It tells a story about earlier in this week, in Miami.  Five teen burglars had been arrested while committing a crime.  The five teen were later linked to a similar crime in the neighbourhood.  In that burglary there was electronic equipment and jewellery that had been taken along with two urns. The urns were containing the ashes of the owner’s father and her two Great Danes.
After a brief investigation it was learned that the five teens had mistaken the ashes for cocaine and sniffed them.  After realizing it was not cocaine, the remaining ashes we thrown into a lake, after the teens feared their fingerprints were on the container.
I am speechless; all I can say is crime is getting to out of control.  The law needs to get stronger; it is losing the control of their people.  We all know the laws and life have changed over the last 50 years, they are nothing alike.  Nothing is right about this situation but honestly, stealing urns? Where did the common sense go?

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