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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Loyalist PR Is Back With a Bang

Now it is 2011, which is now a new year, with new classes, and a new semester with Loyalist PR.  There was no slow start to semester two.  No easy first week.  Semester two came with a punch and our Public Relations class had to start off running.  The semester had made us look like a whole different class.
With some groups carrying over from last semester, the semester started with client presentations to find out what the rest of the group would be this semester.  The class had gone from a split two sections to one whole class, which you can read in "Loyalist PR Sections Are Going To Merge". Now our class has seven group projects on the go, which have different people in each group, there is not much time to fool around.
This semester does look to leave no surprises, as our whole semester had been given to us at the beginning.  I do like having my work ahead of time but I wish my groups were more similar and were given more time to work in our groups.  In my opinion, it is hard to meet with 4-6 other people and their schedules with work, day-care and everything else.  With half our days not ending until 4-6 PM, I don’t know what to think about this semester with Loyalist PR.
The semester looks full and it is shortened due to it ending with our internships.  All I can look forward to is the internship.  The semester does look full of stressful but fun events and assignment we will be working on, but I have never planned seven things at once.  There is more than the seven projects. we have other smaller assignment too, but not to many.  This semester is nothing like the first.

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