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Friday, February 4, 2011

Who will win the Lombardi Trophy in 2011?

There is no doubt this year the Super Bowl will be huge.   This could be the last Super Bowl until 2013, if you haven’t read about the NFL lockout yet you can read it in my post titled "The NFL's future looks to lockout, Will the NBA follow?".  The lockout is threatening next year’s season and that would make this Super Bowl more important.  There is also no doubt that all eyes will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday.  So the question is who will win this year’s Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers?
When thinking about this answer, you are going to need to think of the current injuries in both rosters.  The Super Bowl would be easier to pick a winner with two full health rosters.  Like the weather the injuries can't always be controlled, which in my opinion may make the game better.  It definitely raises questions on who is going to win this year and take home the Lombardi trophy.
The question for the Steelers fans is, what is Pouncey going to do?  If the Steelers go without their Pro Bowl Center, they could be in trouble for this Super Bowl.  Maurkice pouncey has been set to a game-time decision, and it may be the game making decision for the Steelers this Sunday.   There are other players that the Steelers will need this Sunday, such as Polamalu but his ankle isn’t looking promising.  I don’t know what the Steelers are going to do.
Don’t get me wrong the Packers have their problems going in to the Super Bowl as well.  Missing more than a dozen players from their roster with five of them from their starting line up, the Packers have problems too.  With their linebackers Barnett and Chillar down that area of their team has became weak.  The Super bowl winner may be who can take advantage of whose weakness best.
My predict for the winner of the 2011 Super Bowl is; Pouncey will not play due to injury. The Steelers will play a close first half with a 7-7 score, but I think the Packers will run with it in the second half, winning 7-16 final.  What do you think?


  1. I like that you mentioned the strike - very important point, but barely discussed when talking about this years superbowl. Packers win 24-17. Dom Caper's will stunts for Raji all game to keep Pitssburgh replacment center off kelter presenting a stronger rush and smaller pocket for Rothliesberger to play in and against.

  2. good point... but the steelers will already be planning for that... so good luck packers

  3. i posted about the lock out as well, the link is in this post and here;


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