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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blogger Report: Save a Belleville, Ontario Landmark !!

The Memorial Arena in Belleville, Ontario is a landmark to the locals.  In my opinion, it should be a Canadian landmark.
The Memorial Arena was built in 1929, and was home of the Belleville Mac Farlands.  The history behind this building in Belleville is huge, from it's millions of visitors, all the way back to its renaming in 1946.  In 1946, the Hume Arena was renamed the Memorial Arena.  This arena was the home rink of some of our greatest OHL, and NHL players. 
The Memorial Arena is the second oldest arena in the world, located in Belleville, Ontario Canada.  The Oldest Arena is in Cambridge, Ontario, also in Canada.  The Galt Arena was opened in 1922, in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  Both arenas still function today, although the Memorial Arena is having problems and there is talk of closing it down and ruin it historically.  Both Arenas should be made Canadian landmarks and should be protected for those reasons.
Need more reasons to help save the Memorial Arena? There are plenty.
There are ways we can Support the Memorial Arena.
Kraft Hockeyville has a campaign running at the moment.  You could have submitted a post about memories you have at the different building but the posted were closed as of January 30, 2011.  Now is the important part, we need to vote on the arena that should win to get $ 100,000, we need to vote for the Memorial Arena in Belleville, Ontario.
Voting Starts March 8th, Be Ready Please.
Although the Memorial Arena may need more than $ 100,000 dollars to be made a state of the art sports arena, it is a good start to keeping it around forever.  We need to bring awareness to this issue and fast.
We Need As Much Support As Possible.  Please Join this on Facebook. 
B.M.A.P.S. (Belleville Memorial Arena Preservation Society) 

Kraft Hockeyville Campaign Site (VOTE HERE);
Follow on Facebook Group:!/krafthockeyville
Twenty NHL Players that have enjoyed the Memorial arena from Pauline Crawford;
Drew Bannister-1990-2010, Billy Boyd- 1925-1930, "Weiner" Brown- 1951-1973, Matt Cooke1995-2010, Bob Crawford- 1976-1989, Louis Crawford- 1989-1992, Marc Crawford- 1978-1989, Bob Dillabough- 1957-1974, John "Red" Doran- 1932-1941, Gerry Goyer- 1955-1977, Rick Green- 1972-1992, Brett Hull- 1982-2006, Eric Manlow- 1991-2008, Norm Maracle- 1991-2010, Rick Meagher- 1973-1991, Andrew Raycroft- 1996-2010, Brad Richardson2000-2010, Derek Smith- 2000-2010, Chris Valentine- 1978-1996, Ed Westfall- 1957-1979, and I add PK Subban.
Twenty reason why save the Memorial Arena from Sherry Sherret;
1. The land was purchased in 1920 and the arena was erected in 1929.
2. 1946 arena was purchased for $40,000 from the Hastings Arena Ltd, renamed the Memorial Arena.
3. 1958 Allan Cup champion and '59 world champion Belleville McFarlands.
4. The Belleville Memorial Arena still has the original analogue clock.
5. The Belleville Memorial Arena is the second oldest Arena in the world.
6. The Belleville Memorial Arena is to honor and remember our Veterans.
20. World Championship Hockey team. What other arena can you go to and say this is where Champions played.
A lot of people posted memories; even past mayors, you should check them out.  Need More Facebook Likes to this story here:

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