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Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Do We Spend So Much on Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Flowers, A plant that grow from the ground, used for a decoration or gift, but die so fast. 
I understand they are beautiful but they have to be one of the most profitable items in the world.   The only reason for that is because of Valentine’s Day.  What makes flowers so special on Valentine’s Day?
Over the years flowers have grown in price like everything else in the world but the amount is wild.  I know the economy hurt that industry more than others in the last few years but today when I seen the price over a single flower over five dollars here in Canada, I was shocked.   I had bought some because of the special day, and if you have a girlfriend, roses are usually huge on Valentine’s Day.
On my way home I was thinking why do we spend so much on flowers?  There is no question about it over time it has become a way to show many things.  The industry is smart.  They know we want the flowers, they know they don’t last very long and that the moment we need them for is a type of surprise, which makes it harder to have them in advance.   When the flower industry totals those numbers, it becomes a gold mine of a market, all because of one day.
On the city bus today I was taking the flowers home and the driver had asked me why I pay so much for flowers.  Funny, I had been thinking about that but before I could answer, an older gentle man had spoken up.  The old gentle man had said he had been with his wife for 40 years.  He had pick flowers for his wife for their first Valentine’s Day but times have changed.  Even if he had spent $ 50 Dollars for each time he bought flowers, he only bought them twice a year, her birthday and Valentine’s Day.  I must remember $ 100 dollars a year for 40 years, is $ 4000 Dollars, it’s still cheaper than divorce.  A happy wife = A happy life.  So the answer I came up with is because we do what makes them happy, we love them.
A report I found only says flowers have become more than a decoration or gift over the years.   It states that each color has its own “special meaning”.  Red: love and romance.  Yellow: Friendship, joy, and get well.  Pink: love, gratitude, and appreciation.  White: purity, sympathy, and spirituality.  Orange: Desire, Enthusiasm, and passion.  Lavender: Enchantment, and Love at first sight.  You can read more at the link below.  Also, below is a report about how much we spend.  That site predicts we will spend more than $ 17 billion with Valentine’s Day.
Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

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