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Thursday, February 3, 2011

All Eyes Will Be On The NHL In 2011.

In my last post titled “The NFL future looks lockout, Will the NBA follow?” I had explained the NFL (National Football League) going into lock out and how the NBA (National Basketball Association) may be following them in the same direction.  Well the NHL is a head of the game, since it had its lockout a few years ago.
September is a huge month for professional sports.  The NBA, NHL, and NFL start their seasons.  All three season go well into the spring.  The MBL has a summer/fall season, so the World Series is also around that time, which will end in October.  September is most likely one of the busiest month of professional sports. 
In 2011, it looks to be a year where the NHL will dominate most of the sports coverage for than end of 2011 and start of 2012.  The NHL will most likely caption more at attendance than they have ever had in history.  They will almost have all the coverage over professional sports.  The NHL will most like set records for game night viewers.
The fall always does provide new series and TV shows that start in the fall but my prediction is with no NBA or NFL next season, the NHL will most likely double their usual at home viewers.  How much will it raise ticket sales? Because their will be no other season going on.  Some teams may not be as affected as others but for some big city teams I am sure it will raise the ticket sales noticeable amount.  Good luck NHL, reap the reward & run with the cash while you can.

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