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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The NFL's future looks to lockout, Will the NBA follow?

Well the Super Bowl is around the corner, and next season is most likely going to be locked out.  The question now is who will follow?
Most have heard the NFL (National Football League) has a good chance of being locked out next year.  In the past other leagues have locked out, such as NHL (National Hockey League).  Some reports have said there is no chance the NFL will not lock out next season, because that they need the salary cap.  Other reports have said there is only an 80 % chance, in my opinion those odd are still high.  A season with no NFL would be different, in Canada hockey was well missed while the NHL had a Lockout.   My only question is how will it affect the NFL and what is to follow?
There has been a lot of talk about NFL lock out.  There has not been much talk about the NBA lockout.  While I was reading blogs, I found reports stating the NBA (National Basketball Association) are in the same situation. The situation is if there players do not drop their salary than the next season will be locked out.   Both the NBA and the NFL 2011 season locked out?   Now, I wonder what the future looks like for the NBA as well.
So now the question is will the NBA Lockout with the NFL next season?   Do you think any of the players will drop their salary to prevent the lock out?  Would you?
If they do lock out, what will happen to both of them?  Are the players staying or going?
This lockout will most likely be talked about more as the days to come.  I will update you if anything more happens.  
Here are other reports about the lock out.

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