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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Branding That Don’t Care About You; Because You’re It's Slave

Who do you think the number one person is that everyone in the world would like to punch in their face? Well after the last few years you would think it would be George W. Bush, but no, he is pretty much done, everyone will be talking about him for years to come but most of us will never see him again.
With all the hate for Bush, I still don’t think it’s him.  Do you remember when things were made to last longer than humans, like your everyday items made durable and everlasting, would most likely survive a nuclear war.  Nothing is built that way anymore, except for your food, what is with that?  Your city could get nuked, but don’t worry, you and all you items are gone, but the food is still sitting in the cupboards for the next generation for humans, yummy.  Clone meat and growth hormones’.
Now I do have to say this was an amazing idea for a disrespectful greedy man to make billions, and changed our whole world’s economy.  When Bill Gates created the PC, everyone loved it, but I truly think if MAC was first, it would be best.  If you look at the PC it breaks down every few months, you need to buy 100 thousand things extra to make it work.  It was a smart idea wasn’t it.  it got the whole world buying his crap, it breaks down and you pay him more to fix it until it breaks down again and repeat.  I think everything in the world followed this method.  Nothing these days last any time at all and everything is being made to break so you have to buy it again.
The facts are PC got us first.  It was first into the school systems.  Do you know how hard it is to not use a PC when your whole life has been around it being created.  My daughter has computers in her kindergartener room, no sand box, computers, no giant building blocks; she is learning games on the computer.  What happened to letting kids be kids and letting them play outside.
The crazy thing is Nintendo owned the gaming industry with Sony, yet Microsoft’s Xbox is now there.  Sony’s Play Station 3 has a break down rate of about 4%, Xbox 360, about 94% break down rating, amazing isn’t it.  I still own my original Play Station 2 from about fifteen years ago.   I have had six Xbox 360 break down on me, not a single one lasted me longer than six months, I now have an Xbox 360 Elite, because they say it doesn’t have the same problems.  The Funny part is I have had more problems with it than any other systems and it has happened faster.  So, Congratulations Bill on enslaving the whole world on your piles of crap.  The funny part is no brand stands a chance to stop Microsoft, or challenge them.  So where is the movie on how Microsoft was made? What about Bill and IBM?
Microsoft has already changed the way children interact with each others, I’m sure it could change adults. I think, If Microsoft had their way the NBA, NHL, MBL, NASCAR, NFL, and all pro sports, would be electronic with no real players.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Airlines Industry Starts Tweeting

The truth is hard to hide from when it come to airlines industry.  Every year that passes the airlines has more security and more problems, each day that passes being more stressful then the next.  Whether it is the service's you should be getting for free, the crabby employees you have to deal with or lack of employees, most people would rather walk to their destination then fly.
In a recent reports, an interview with the VP of customer interaction analytics with Verint, (a contact centre analytics firm) stated “It’s difficult to differentiate yourself in an industry that is as heavily service-based as the airline industry”.  Porter Airlines thinks they have the number one reason for serving people while waiting for their flights, and rescue all frustrated, unsatisfied customers.
Few days ago, a woman was standing in line getting frustrated, and impatient. She decided to use her smart phone to tweet her frustration on Twitter about how the line in Porter Airlines was not moving.

Porter Airlines employees were scanning for Twitter traffic, more along the lines of looking for references to the airlines and what others had to say about it, when the Porter Airlines staff had come across the women’s tweet about being dissatisfied with the service.   So remember, when you least expect, others are following you, because the airline was listening to her complaint on Twitter.  Listening to customers does work.

When this woman had made her way through the long line up and got to the counter ready to complain, she was surprised when the porter airlines, addressed her dissatisfied complaint and had all of her matters dealt with and had her on her way.
Businesses like airlines are starting to use such tools like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to simplify customer service.  Could you imagine connecting with the public in the firendly way was the answer?  Friendships?  In an industry where every airline essentially sells the same service with essentially the same additives, the airlines that do use social media to connect with their disappointed customers, will stand out as the friendly(er) brand.

Has Porter Airlines found our solution to our long running problem in the airline industry? Or is this idea going to crash like many others.  They say "you can’t teach an old dog a new trick", but can you teach a new dog, an old trick?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Week, One Thousand

This is a quick post on my blog reaching another milestone and working on the next.  In just over a week the blog has reached just over thousand views.  It hasn't taken long and still not much has changed, Two hundred and seventeen is still the highest views in one day.  Dear Belleville, Lock Your Doors, Bar Your Windows, is still the most veiwed post.

I look to keep getting your attention, hope you enjoy what you read.  I have been working on the layout of the blog, adding some attractions so I hope you enjoy them.  let me know what you think.  I wantto  get everyone to comment more and hopefully get more people voting on the poll.  So feel free to use both and hope you all a good day.  Next milestone is 2,500 Views, lets see it happen, please.

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Loyalist PR Has Great Success

The back to back events held at loyalist, one in the cafeteria and the other in the Shark Tank, had the students of Loyalist PR working hard, but also enjoying each event.  In my opinion I say that both events were a great success.  I would like to give a special congratulation to section one for how well they did at the first United Way Campus Truckload Sale.
Media Mash-up was held Wednesday night in the Shark Tank.  The night was a blast. The PR instructor blew her class away when she got up on stage and sang, amazingly I must add.  There were also many great student bands, and a great turn out of people to enjoy the night.  Starting the night off with games and prizes and ending with food and friends.  It was a good night.
I have never met so many people from such a variety of courses at loyalist.  I don’t think I have ever met that many different courses in one day since I started college.  It was definitely an interesting night, getting to know a lot of different people.  It was my first Media Mash-up but others said it was the best and some said it was in the top five so I thought the night was a great success.
I was not involved with section ones United Way Campus Truckload Sale on Thursday morning in the cafeteria, as I am in section two.  I did show up near the end of it and heard from others that were there in the morning it was a good day, wasn’t as stressful or busy as they thought it would be.
The sale sold out of key items quick but still had a few things left at the end of the day.  The school set Loyalist PR’s goal at 11,000 dollars needed to be raised by both section's events.  Section one raised just over 7,450.  That is about 68 % of our goal already made.  Way to go, congratulations again, but the section two United Way Campus Truckload Sale has to sale more, so we can smash the set goal.  The prior five years Loyalist PR has raised 7,500 dollars altogether.
Section Two United Way Campas Truckload Sale: November 4th

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good Meets Bad Branding

There are some brands that are so big they create new brands, so big their employees bad behaviour doesn’t affect their giant brand image itself, is it possible?  Just think, is it possible that a brand has a name so big that its bad performance, bad outcomes, and bad chooses, doesn’t really affect their business, income, or in most cases their credibility.  A brand so big, that it can make or break other brands.  They could disappoint you for a whole year or maybe more, yet in later years you still support them.  It doesn’t seem like there is a brand that big?
If you take a look at the NHL (National Hockey League), NFL (Nation Football League), MBL (Major Baseball League), NBA (National Basketball Association), NASCAR and all pro sports leagues you will notice a lot of bad branding mixed with amazing branding.  Those are a few of the brands that are that big.

Each League is its only brand, and within it are 28-30 brand teams, with-in them 30-40 personal player brands.   If it was not for the one big brand, none of the brands with-in it would have ever been created.  These brands can make or break all brands with-in them.

Every league has their teams that disappoints fans. For example, The Toronto Maple Leafs. some years disappoint many people each and every night, and again in the playoff.  Toronto Maple Leafs are the longest running team to not win the Stanley Cup.  They still have one of the highest attendance turn outs for the whole NHL.  I remember the days of Tie Domi, if he played a night when they faced Philly or Buffalo in the playoff, it got crazy, rough, and the audience loved it.  It didn’t matter if both team rosters fully emptied out onto the ice and joined the brawl, the audience would only love it more and none of it would most likely be looked at as bad on the league or teams.

The NHL attendance live to anger the other team and watch the hockey fights.  The NFL live to entertain with decapitating tackles, MLB have players hit by pitchers and stealing bases, and NASCAR obtaining a million plus attendance to watch a pile of cars drive around in a circle until one crashes starting a chain reaction of explosions.  All of these brands enjoy when the brands with-in it act out because it creates more attention to the league, even if the action is bad it’s most likely never reflected on the league.  Now, Almost evertime the league does say they don’t permit the actions and give discipline on the subject but internally it only helps the league get more attendance.

Sports cases
Player Loses Temper With Fan!!
Biggest Hockey Brawl
Domi fight fan
Football Brawl

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Bloggers Interest in PR

I have always been interested in managing things, planning, acting, and watching success, have always been a highlight to me.  Growing up in a small town, after choosing many other career paths, I chose business, to go to college for, as it looked the best suited for me.
Before entering college I did not really even know what “public relations” was about.  When I found public relations it was a relief.  I had found something interesting and something I thought was more along my line of work.  There is still much I am learning about PR but it has me interested.  With almost half the first semester over I can’t wait for placement. I am looking in the non-for-profit industry but could end up anywhere.
I never thought Loyalist PR would save my college experience.  I don’t know what is in store for later and the year did start off a little easy and has us more busy now that we have the understanding of what we are doing.  The best part is how much the instructors have us engaged and a lot of hands-on work, with a steady follow of presentation learning.  Doing what I’m learning is my best way of learning, which I think is the reason I like it so much.  Don’t get me wrong Loyalist PR is not perfect, there have been some problems with things like our schedule and understanding some things at the beginning, but now that it is past the first few weeks, I think this year is going to pass by fast.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loyalist PR: Upcoming Events

Loyalist Public Relations is more than just busy.  A small list of upcoming events will have Loyalist PR students running around, working and networking.  The small list consists of Media Mash-up, United Way Campus Truckload Sale, United Way Campus Truckload Sale "The Sequel", and National Philanthropy Day.

Media Mash-up, Hosted at Loyalist College by the Loyalist PR students, with all media students or people in the near community to have a good night, enjoy themselves, play games and network.  It looks to be an interesting night.

United Way Campus Truckload Sale is a sale hosted at Loyalist College, in the cafeteria, thanks to the United Way of Qunite.  There will be useful everyday items for the staff and students to buy at a discounted price and save some money. The United Way Campus Truckload Sale "The Sequel", is the same sale with different products and the first sale is hosted by section one of Loyalist PR, and "The Sequel" is hosted by Section two of Loyalist PR.

National Philanthropy Day is only going to be enjoyed by Loyalist PR for a day of learning and networking in Kingston, Ontario.

With a timetable full of events the work is ready to be done, there is not much to miss when your in Loyalist PR.

Personal Branding: All or Nothing

It can take a life time to make but one action to lose everything you have worked for.  Some say the first impression is everything, but sometimes you can you can fix the damage.  After you have got your foot in the door and have made a name for yourself, there are more important things you need think about.  You need to think about everything you do and how you do it, because one wrong move can take everything you worked for away.
Personal brands don’t end after five pm or start at nine in the morning, personal branding is your person reputation.  When your looked at as an icon, everything you do, say, hold, wear, talk, is focused on.  Some cases don’t end up as bad as others, but people always remember what has happened in the past, most will always hold you to it.  The hard part is that it could be something you wouldn’t even think about that could destroy your personal brand image.  In my opinion, I think everything comes with a price, so is it worth it?.
Thinking ahead is the key to having less bad situations.  In history there have been some severe damages to personal brands, such as The Dixie Chicks, Tiger Woods, TTC chairman: Adam Gaimbrone, and Seinfeld's Michael Richards.  It happened as fast and simple as The Dixie Chicks and Michael’s comments, or Tiger Woods and Adam's night out with another woman, which cost them everything they worked for.
There have also been cases not so severe like Dwayne Howard, Maple leaf Foods, Michael Jackson and almost every music singer or movie star.  Whether it’s changing a team, an unclean work station or random actions everything effects your personal brand.  There are even cases most people don’t realize or see like when Britney Spears drank coke on set for Pepsi.  So watch what you do.
Personal branding, when it all comes down to it, it's all about earning respect and building relationships.  If people don’t like how you act, say, or even what you believe, they will not like or support your personal brand.  It could take a life time to make a personal image something big, so watch what you say and do, so you don’t lose everything that is in your life.

Some Case links: Dixie chicks, Tiger Wood, & Michael

Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog Site Reaches Milestones

This is just a quick blog about the success on my blog site.  The blog has reached it’s beginning milestones and I would like to celebrate them.  Since I switched sites from Wordpress with only a few page views to blogger, I have had great success. 
A little statistics for the readers: I got 50 views on Friday, 132 on Saturday, 148 on Sunday, and today 217 page views, with 42 Views between five to six pm, and since it’s after eight pm the time has switched and it’s now tomorrow with 18 views already, totalling 570 views. 
I would like to thank all the viewers; I hope the increase of interest keeps happening.  Next milestone is 1000 page views; I’m looking forward to it, soon.  Until then, I will keep blogging, Hope you all have a good night & thank you again.

Is Your Blog Site Boring? Need Help?

This is for all the fellow bloggers, my classmates or anyone else interested.   I was bored and was trying to think of ways to improve my blogging site, they always say white space looks good, but thought it just looked boring and I wanted to make it look more interesting, give more options and possibly interest viewers to come back.  Now, I spent a dozen hours testing, messing up, trying again, not liking, deleted, rearranging, moving, taking breaks, and I’m sure I am not done yet.  This is to save you all that time and give you the site I mainly used, that gave me the tips to improving the appearance of your blog site. 
I recommend you read all the posts before you attempt anything, just makes it easier when you know what you’re working with in my opinion.  Now, I may find a better site but this is what I used and hope it helps you all.  If anyone has a better site feel free to post it in the comments.
I highly recommend you test everything, make sure it works, there is nothing worse than a bad link or a "NO PAGE FOUND" sign on your blog.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bloggers Report: Youth Darts Needs Members

Not being recognized as an actual sport, with no funding, Belleville youth darts is trying to stay alive with few children/youth and is in need of more members.  The memberships of children/youth are the only thing keeping this non-for-profit organization open and running.  Each year fewer children sign up and the numbers are shrinking. 
Belleville and District Youth Darts starts every Sunday at 10 am, bottom floor, at the Royal Canadian Legion (132 Pinnacle, Belleville).   Accepts all children/youth ages 7-18, to come and have a good day.  The league offers them to play darts, make some friends and socialize for a few hours on Sunday.  If a successful player, they can have many opportunities for tournaments and events.
I highly recommend this for all children and youth just for the experience and skills you gain from the organization.  I can almost guarantee your child will be good at math if successful in darts, and a good sportsman.  I joined darts when I was eleven and played until I was seventeen, darts provided me with some of my greatest memories and most of my life time friends.  NDFC, is the National Dart Foundation of Canada which can provide them many opportunities to play all over the world, if successful at the tournaments.  Belleville darts needs the trophy to come home again. Go out and enjoy yourself.

Bloggers Report: Experience with Community Partners for Success.

Community Partners for Success, in Belleville, Ontario is an organization for parents to go alone or with their children to learn parent skills, socialize, and have fun with others in the community.  One of the many organizations I have been involved in the community.   The Organizations has help me in more ways than parenting as I was a teen parents, I also volunteered there.  Many of the skills I have leant there I use every day, as well as the people I've met are some of my life time friends.
Parenting can be hard and I believe it’s not only a parent or parents that raise a child, but a whole community. Organizations like this help make it easier for parents, they also can’t survive without support from their community, please check out the Community Partners for Success, Belleville, Ontario.  If you’re in the local area, visit.  Located at 41 Octavia St., Belleville.

Supporting Belleville and My Local Community

Growing up in a small town of less then 49 000 people, Belleville was and still is not to thrilling.  My mother had been involved with many non-for-profit orgainizations when I was young and helped out at public schools, which she did because she enjoyed  volunteering to do things.  I had got my interest for this line of work by assisting her with many of those tasks.
If it wasn’t for some of the organizations I may not be where I am today, and many other people in the local area of Belleville do use the orgainization in their everyday lives but they could always use more.  For the organizations I have personally been involved with I would like to do a Bloggers Report on them so I hope you take the time to read all future Blogger Report’s, comment and look into the organizations.  Belleville's organizations need all the help they can get.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dead Asleep Over Dead Rising 2

I heard all this hype about Dead Rising 2 and how it its multi-player and going to be a top game of the year. Bored, so I went out last weekend with the family and I decided to buy it, so I could try it.  I have had it over a week trying to enjoy it but it’s so boring and I feel it's no different than the last.
Now, I’m not sure what the terms are on these game ratings but I think someone needs their head checked.   The only Multi-player is online which was annoying and it was only joining another game so two player co-op or playing some mini games which had nothing to do with the game itself, which you could play with four others an lasts about four minutes long.
Yes, you may be able to combined weapons and the map is bigger but it’s just a boring as the first game, killing millions of zombies alone will always be boring then you die and do it all over again, sounds fun right? No, it would have been good game if you could bring friends in from your house, and go four players.  That is the only way I would give it the rating it got.  My question is whatever happened to multi-player games? Everything is one player these days; does no one have any friends anymore?

Bloggers Success Comes with a Thank-You

I just wanted to post a Blog to all followers and readers of my blog because I would like to thank you for following and reading my blog posts, keep up the good work. I hope you all mark my site as a favourite page and view it often I will try to keep posting.
I would like you all to know after switching from Wordpress to Blogger yesterday; the first day I switched landed me 50 page views, and within the first 24 hours, 137 page views, from Canada, USA, and Singapore, so again I would like to thank you all, look forward to the comments.   Also, hope you all enjoy my blogs & Have a good day.
Kw Benjamin

Dear Belleville, Lock Your Doors, Bar Your Windows

I had seen someone on Twitter tweet about this and had to check it out.  This is an article post The MacLean’s magazine titled “Canada’s most dangerous cities: the rankings”, Posted Thursday, October 14, 2010 3:30pm.  All ranks are determined by their crime score compared to the national crime score, I have no idea how they determine the crime score.
With most of the top cities being in B.C., five of the top ten are in B.C., Prince George, B.C. being the most dangerous city in Canada; its crime score is 90.41% higher.  Victoria, B.C., Second, Regina, & Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan, are third and fourth.   There are a total of 38 cities above the national average.
The Most Dangerous city in Ontario is my hometown of Belleville, Ontario.  Belleville was placed 15th with an 45.40 above average crime score, with Edmonton, Alta. slightly higher, placed 13th, and Vancouver, B.C. slightly below, placed 18th.  The next Ontario ranked city is Brantford & Thunder bay, which were ranked 22 & 23.
Other big cities ranked in at: Montreal is ranked 24, Winsor 35, Hamilton 41, Calgary 55, Toronto 57, Kingston 67, and Ottawa and Quebec &73, 74. I understand Belleville has had a bunch of murders in the area in the last little while and I don’t know how these cities got their ranks but Belleville has a Population of almost 49,000, Toronto has over 2.5 million in the GTA.  Toronto has about 51 people to our one person.  Toronto is -9.03 the national average (which is below the average), after the G20 Summit and other problems, Belleville is 45.40, so this is telling me Belleville has almost 2 % of Toronto’s population and 50 % higher Crime Score, I think that say people in Belleville are recommitting crimes way more often, does it not if 49,000 create more crime the 2.5 million?  I don’t know about you but I don’t like these stats.

Iron man? Iron Army!!!!

You see it in movies, but could you picture people walking around in one of these.  They say five years until the military has them, so how long till the public can buy them?  I think it will change the way we look at a lot of things in life.  With a whole military full of them, I’m sure it will change the way most the world looks at things.
The U.S Army is developing it for the use of their army for a combination of reasons, the creators say it allows any wearer to lift 200lbs with no problem, as they show many demonstrations including lifting, punching, and moving around.  Possibilities just got a whole lot bigger in my opinion.  I don’t know what they could think of next but I sure want to get one of these exoskeleton robotic suits.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Loyalist PR Meets Strombo & Visit Toronto

An early 6:30 morning at Loyalist College, Loyalist PR students were on their bus for the long trip to Toronto.  Everyone enjoyed the trip, nothing like getting out in to the public and learning.  The Agenda for the day was Steam Whistle Brewery, then Royal Bank of Canada,and last but not least George Strombolopolous show, which made for an interesting day.
Starting our day at The Steam Whistle Brewery gave our trip an interesting start. We learned how the beer was made, some good branding skills and personal branding knowledge.

The RBC Stop was memorable and very interesting, learning about the Olympic torch run across Canada.  Our unexpected guess woke the class up after the early morning and defiantly gave everyone a highlight as it gave us all a laugh. Seeing and Touching the Olympic torch was also a memorable moment.
The greatest highlight of the whole day was going to see George Strombolopolous.  I have always been a fan of his but meeting him in person and getting to know him on the other side of TV was an experience like no other. Both CBC and George are both great examples of strong personal brands. Engaging the Crowd, answering questions and filming the show, George made our day.  I recommend everyone to check his weekly late night show on CBC.   Loyalist PR thanks all great host of our enjoyed trip.

Good-Bye WordPress, Hello Blogger

Good-Bye WordPress, Hello Blogger
I'm sorry, but I have fallin in love with blogger.  It's was not you, It's was me, I am sorry, but blogger just offers more to me, I'm sorry again. LOL

To all followers I'm am more sorry for this inconvenience but you will all see how much better blogger is, so feel free and I hope you all follow me on my new blog site :
Hope the Best.
That was my last post on Wordpress, Thank-You blogger. 
To Fellow Bloggers: This site just ofters more and better options.  If already on blogger, I recommend you at least check it out.  My Old URL was :, you tell me which one is better in poll.

Night-Out With Loyalist PR

A couple weeks prior to the night someone in my Loyalist PR class had suggested to the rest of the class to go see The Social Network.  After a short discussion on whether we should go or not, we then chose to go the week prior to its opening as it would be so busy.  Tuesday, Oct 12, not only had we arrived at class for 9 am and some of us had classes that didn’t end until 6 pm, but we had met at 7:30 pm for a 8:20 pm showing, a good portion of our class had filled a whole row at the Galaxy Cinema, in Belleville, Ont..
The night went well, the Galaxy Cinema was not that busy, until we had already gotten our food and drink and were sitting in our seats, which was amazing.  The movie (The Social Network) was better than I had thought it was going to be.  It was the first movie I have watched in a long time with no guns, ghosts or talking animals,, but it did have me interested in the whole movie.  Our class had nothing bad to say about The Social Network, everyone enjoyed it.   I do recommend that the over 500 million members of facebook to see what it took to create what we use every day and for some people their whole lives.

My Experience with Loyalist’s Public Relations Course

My experience with Loyalist PR has been a success for my future already.   My public relations classes started almost two months ago, the course is in an enjoying, friendly classroom, with good instructors.  In my last year of the business administration course I worked on a business plan for a non-for profit business, but knew it was not amazing.
The course has already showed me how I can improve it, and has made me focus on getting into the non-for profit industry.   The course already has our class doing a couple of events, which I enjoy and look to be both a huge success.  Some of the events we are working on are the United Way Campus Truckload Sale and Kingston’s National Philanthropy Day.
The Public Relations course at loyalist college is an interesting course, the field is bigger than most people think it is.  The field is much more than a non-for profit industry but is my interest for a career path.
Anyone Interested should check out a public relations course, Loyalist PR being one of them.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Most Viewed Weekly Attractions