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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Branding That Don’t Care About You; Because You’re It's Slave

Who do you think the number one person is that everyone in the world would like to punch in their face? Well after the last few years you would think it would be George W. Bush, but no, he is pretty much done, everyone will be talking about him for years to come but most of us will never see him again.
With all the hate for Bush, I still don’t think it’s him.  Do you remember when things were made to last longer than humans, like your everyday items made durable and everlasting, would most likely survive a nuclear war.  Nothing is built that way anymore, except for your food, what is with that?  Your city could get nuked, but don’t worry, you and all you items are gone, but the food is still sitting in the cupboards for the next generation for humans, yummy.  Clone meat and growth hormones’.
Now I do have to say this was an amazing idea for a disrespectful greedy man to make billions, and changed our whole world’s economy.  When Bill Gates created the PC, everyone loved it, but I truly think if MAC was first, it would be best.  If you look at the PC it breaks down every few months, you need to buy 100 thousand things extra to make it work.  It was a smart idea wasn’t it.  it got the whole world buying his crap, it breaks down and you pay him more to fix it until it breaks down again and repeat.  I think everything in the world followed this method.  Nothing these days last any time at all and everything is being made to break so you have to buy it again.
The facts are PC got us first.  It was first into the school systems.  Do you know how hard it is to not use a PC when your whole life has been around it being created.  My daughter has computers in her kindergartener room, no sand box, computers, no giant building blocks; she is learning games on the computer.  What happened to letting kids be kids and letting them play outside.
The crazy thing is Nintendo owned the gaming industry with Sony, yet Microsoft’s Xbox is now there.  Sony’s Play Station 3 has a break down rate of about 4%, Xbox 360, about 94% break down rating, amazing isn’t it.  I still own my original Play Station 2 from about fifteen years ago.   I have had six Xbox 360 break down on me, not a single one lasted me longer than six months, I now have an Xbox 360 Elite, because they say it doesn’t have the same problems.  The Funny part is I have had more problems with it than any other systems and it has happened faster.  So, Congratulations Bill on enslaving the whole world on your piles of crap.  The funny part is no brand stands a chance to stop Microsoft, or challenge them.  So where is the movie on how Microsoft was made? What about Bill and IBM?
Microsoft has already changed the way children interact with each others, I’m sure it could change adults. I think, If Microsoft had their way the NBA, NHL, MBL, NASCAR, NFL, and all pro sports, would be electronic with no real players.

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