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Monday, October 18, 2010

Is Your Blog Site Boring? Need Help?

This is for all the fellow bloggers, my classmates or anyone else interested.   I was bored and was trying to think of ways to improve my blogging site, they always say white space looks good, but thought it just looked boring and I wanted to make it look more interesting, give more options and possibly interest viewers to come back.  Now, I spent a dozen hours testing, messing up, trying again, not liking, deleted, rearranging, moving, taking breaks, and I’m sure I am not done yet.  This is to save you all that time and give you the site I mainly used, that gave me the tips to improving the appearance of your blog site. 
I recommend you read all the posts before you attempt anything, just makes it easier when you know what you’re working with in my opinion.  Now, I may find a better site but this is what I used and hope it helps you all.  If anyone has a better site feel free to post it in the comments.
I highly recommend you test everything, make sure it works, there is nothing worse than a bad link or a "NO PAGE FOUND" sign on your blog.

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