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Friday, October 15, 2010

Night-Out With Loyalist PR

A couple weeks prior to the night someone in my Loyalist PR class had suggested to the rest of the class to go see The Social Network.  After a short discussion on whether we should go or not, we then chose to go the week prior to its opening as it would be so busy.  Tuesday, Oct 12, not only had we arrived at class for 9 am and some of us had classes that didn’t end until 6 pm, but we had met at 7:30 pm for a 8:20 pm showing, a good portion of our class had filled a whole row at the Galaxy Cinema, in Belleville, Ont..
The night went well, the Galaxy Cinema was not that busy, until we had already gotten our food and drink and were sitting in our seats, which was amazing.  The movie (The Social Network) was better than I had thought it was going to be.  It was the first movie I have watched in a long time with no guns, ghosts or talking animals,, but it did have me interested in the whole movie.  Our class had nothing bad to say about The Social Network, everyone enjoyed it.   I do recommend that the over 500 million members of facebook to see what it took to create what we use every day and for some people their whole lives.

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