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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Loyalist PR & War Child: "War Is NOT For Children"

A Strong Message That Needs To Be Heard, This Video says it all.
"War Is NOT For Children"
This is just a quick blog on a follow up on one of my other posts, which is  Loyalist PR & Parenting.  If you have not had time to check out my blog on Loyalist PR & Parenting, you should.
I am not going to blog about War Child because no one could do it better than they already have so I have links to their blog on the right hand sidebar under: Kw Important Blog Links, or just Click Here.
I just wanted to say their video makes me sad and I think everyone should watch it. 
The video says all that needs to be said, so here is the link:
Please Watch
Plus Loyalist PR Assisted with it.

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