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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Epic Branding

It is by far the best branding ever.  There is no better selling object then sex.  In some places it is seen as rude and indecent, most-likely the younger kids but you can’t argue it’s the best branding ever.
Some support it for its slogan, some for the awareness, others to look good but most to support the cause.   Man or women, young or old are all affected by the cause and all have their own reason to support the cause.  You may think the t-shirt is indecent, but most people don’t see anything but the cause due to the growing cause and awareness on the subject.
The slogan is amazing because it agrees with everyone, who is going to argue the fact? Who doesn’t like boobs?  With the proceeds going to breast cancer research, I think it was an amazing idea because if you didn’t support the pink ribbon, you can get the t-shirt or both.  I am not too sure how much was made from the ribbons or the profit difference between the ribbons and the t-shirt but I can see the t-shirts creating better awareness.   There is more than one kind and colour of ribbon, but the “I love Boobs” t-shirt is one of a kind.
So, whether you’re male or female, buy both the ribbon and t-shirt, to support breast cancer research.  Whether you agree with it or not, the cause needs to be stopped, the awareness needs to be made, and branding is epic and needs to be put into the record books.

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