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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

I knew it would break records but by how much was a little shocking.  Call of Duty: Black Ops sold over 360 million dollars during its first day.  Black Ops is available in 3 different copies ranging from $64.99 – $164.99 CND.  Call of Duty has had many successes since first coming out, but I do think they top them all with this new game.
In my opinion, the last two games they made, were huge successes.  They had taken both those two game and fixed all the problems, with them and combined them, which was an amazing idea.  Now, don’t get me wrong the campaign is in a different time, and is kind of like all the other campaigns but everyone knows Call of Duty is not bought for its single player campaign.
I bought the game and have played it the last few days, and I do think it is a huge success.  There are a lot more options and customizations you can do to your character.  Adding a payroll to unlock/buy your equipment is also a good idea because it gives you the option to gamble your cash.  The new type of creatures in zombies is also a favoured, good improvement.
The only thing I do not like about Call of Duty: Black Ops is that there are three different copies, which offer three different things.  I will never like the price of the map pack they will bring out.  I mainly wish X Box Live would add an exchange map pack deal, so I could trade in old Call of Duty map packs from older Call of Duty game for new maps, since I don’t use them anymore.  A great idea would be to update the map pack for the new game but that would not make them any money.
Overall: I give the game a 9 out 10.
If you don’t have Black Ops, Here Is the Trailer.
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