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Friday, November 12, 2010

Loyalist PR & Parenting

Loyalist PR is amazing.
There is no other that can multi-task better than Loyalist PR.  Yesterday, Loyalist PR was learning, teaching, helping, and parenting, all while having a good time.  It was a great day seen across the world.
Thursday started with a day of classes and ended helping a fellow Loyalist PR grad.  After an interesting and amazing presentation from the spokesperson for War Child, she had expressed she would like to do a video for the charity.  She said she would like our class to take part and paint some army men, after class today. 
Loyalist PR shocked her with the great turn out of people and not enough paint brushes.  Our class had adapted our “F.I.S.H.” theory and brought in some children to help with the task.  Everyone had an amazing time, the children had fun and so did Loyalist PR.  War Child had ended up with a better video than they had expected, had they had a blast doing it.  What a great day it was.
I comment it was a great night for me because my little one came home, ate, and went to bed, so I had a peaceful night. 
Thank you again Loyalist PR and War Child for the great day.

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