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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Toppers Poor Customer Service

What started as a night of movies and ordering out, had became a stressful night.  I was in the mood for pizza, and had not had Toppers pizza in a while.  I was already not a fan of their service, as they have messed up my order the first two times I have ordered from them.  Although I had only ordered from them three or four times, their pizza was good.
We decided to order from them, despite our history. 
After a forty-five minute wait, our order had arrived.  To come to no surprise, we did not get our whole order.  We call Toppers to report, we had not gotten our whole order, and they had asked if we would like a credit on our account.  After asking not for the credit but for the rest of our order, they rudely stated they would send another driver out.
After waiting another ninety-five minutes, we had called back.   They had said the driver was on their way.  We continued to wait for the rest of our order.
That was last night; I still have not received my full order.  This morning when I had woke up, I had called complaining, the manager had told me, she was working in the kitchen last night and had remembered my order, and also heard nothing about my requests.  They continued offering to credit my account, but after having three failed services and this, who would use a service like this?
In my opinion, Toppers Pizza has the worst customer service. I don’t understand how I never got my full order, in more than Twelve hours of waiting.  It was bad customer service, failed employee communication, and bad branding.
I was not happy.


  1. Order Number:369507 4/20/2011 I'm filing a complaint due to the service on this order. When the driver arrived last night they inexplicably dropped the bag containing both pizzas to the ground at my door. The bag containing the 2 liters where also dropped. That is not the major issue I have. Accidents happen. She initially slowly removed on pizza from the bag to peek at it. I stopped her when she tried to reach into the box. This is where I started having the two issues with her. The issues were acting in a sneaky dishonest way and touching my food.A lesser irritation was her levity towards the matter insisting it wasn't so bad. Asked her to hand me the first pizza and I will decide it was acceptable. As I opened the box to access the situation she once again stated to touch the pizza. I asked her again to please not touch the food. I quickly arranged the first pizza and told her it was okay. When it came to the second pizza the identical scenario repeated with a few differences. I angrily snapped at her when she tried opening the box towards herself and sticking a hand inside. This was a third request not to do that. I took the pizza now this time visibly angry. She now then tried diffusing the situation by saying the pizzas could be taken back and remade. The pizzas were folded over on themselves but were able to be quickly salvaged no thanks to the driver not handing them to me in a timely manner. I was thinking to myself this person obviously doesn't realize their lack of professionalism was the cause. I wouldn't have tipped if the roads weren't snowy and the price of gas sky high. I love Toppers pizza. You have the best cheese and crust of all the places that deliver in my area. I was on a roll getting my wife ordering from Toppers last fall until we had 3 out of the last 4 orders in 2010 with drivers forgetting parts of the order. We have a Pizza Hut over by our house that my wife likes that has never forgot anything over the 8 1/2 years we have lived here and ordered from them. Last night I finally got my wife to order Toppers again. My wife made it abundantly clear after last night that it's only Pizza Hut from now on. I'm a full time student being supported by her so she gets veto power. I'm not emailing you to get comped. I'm just emailing you my experience to illustrate you lose business and I have to suffer eating substandard pizza for the sake of flawless service.

  2. i couldnt find whoever posted that comment but i like it, thank you for shareing that infomation i understand who you feel.


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