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Thursday, April 28, 2011

NHL 2011 Eastern Conference Semi-Final Prediction

Eight teams from the eastern and western NHL conferences have entered in the 2011 NHL Playoffs semi-finals, four from each conference.  The Stanley Cup Playoffs semi-finals start tonight; you can follow the scores at the bottom of my site.
Last round I had predicted 7 out of the 8 series correctly.   This round I hope to predict them all correctly.  Nashville was the only team to surprising me last round beating Anaheim, but I really didn’t know who was going to take it due the two teams current injuries.
Here is where the NHL Playoff get Interesting.  I will be giving you my prediction for each round of the playoffs.  Here is my prediction for the NHL Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.  Next Post is the NHL Western Conference Semi-Final Predictions.
Eastern Conference Round 2 Predictions

Washington (1) vs. Tampa Bay (5)
Washington will win in seven games.  In my opinion, this series will be good; I think it may also go to Tampa Bay.  Ovechkin will step up his game in the playoff as he always does, which was the difference in the last series.  The question is can Tampa Bay out score Washington? both teams with above average goal tending.
Philadelphia (2) vs. Boston (3)
Boston will win in six games.  In my opinion, Boston only has this series because Philly isn’t playing at 100%.  Both teams are strong in the playoffs.  Pronger defiantly not looking 100%, Boston will play on their disadvantage.
Washington (1) vs. Boston (3) will be in the Eastern final.
There are my 2011 NHL Playoff Semi-Final Predictions.

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