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Thursday, April 28, 2011

NHL 2011 Western Conference Semi-Final Prediction

Eight teams from the eastern and western NHL conferences have entered in the 2011 NHL Playoffs semi-finals, four from each conference.  The Stanley Cup Playoffs semi-finals start tonight; you can follow the scores at the bottom of my site.
Last round had I Predicted 7 out of the 8 series correctly.   This round I hope to predict them all correctly.  Nashville was the only team to surprising me last round beating Anaheim, but I really didn’t know how was going to take it due to the two teams current injuries.
Although this is where the NHL playoffs become interesting, I will still be giving you my prediction for each round of the playoffs.  Here is my prediction for the NHL Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.  Last post was the NHL Eastern Conference Semi-Final Predictions.
Western Conference Round 2 Predictions

Vancouver (1) vs. Nashville (5)
Vancouver will win in five games.  In my opinion, this series will be quick, Nashville has surprised me to make it this far, with their current injuries Vancouver should have no problem. 
Detroit (2) vs. San Jose (3)
Unsure, in my opinion this will be the best series to watch in Round 2 of the 2011 Stanley Cup.  The question is can Detroit stay out of the injury list and can San Jose work better together?  Favouring Detroit, if they can keep Franzen and Zetterberg in their line up they should have no problem.  Detroit has shown to be a strong time even with injuries after quickly eliminating Phoenix last round.
Vancouver (1) vs. Detroit (2) will be in the Western final.
There are my 2011 NHL Playoff Semi-Final Predictions.

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