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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bloggers Report: Experience with Community Partners for Success.

Community Partners for Success, in Belleville, Ontario is an organization for parents to go alone or with their children to learn parent skills, socialize, and have fun with others in the community.  One of the many organizations I have been involved in the community.   The Organizations has help me in more ways than parenting as I was a teen parents, I also volunteered there.  Many of the skills I have leant there I use every day, as well as the people I've met are some of my life time friends.
Parenting can be hard and I believe it’s not only a parent or parents that raise a child, but a whole community. Organizations like this help make it easier for parents, they also can’t survive without support from their community, please check out the Community Partners for Success, Belleville, Ontario.  If you’re in the local area, visit.  Located at 41 Octavia St., Belleville.


  1. Great Place to go.

  2. Volunteering where children are involved I feel is very rewarding. When they smile then you know you have done a great job at whatever you did. It is time consuming and can be hard work bot all worth the smiles that you see in the end.


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