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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Loyalist PR Has Great Success

The back to back events held at loyalist, one in the cafeteria and the other in the Shark Tank, had the students of Loyalist PR working hard, but also enjoying each event.  In my opinion I say that both events were a great success.  I would like to give a special congratulation to section one for how well they did at the first United Way Campus Truckload Sale.
Media Mash-up was held Wednesday night in the Shark Tank.  The night was a blast. The PR instructor blew her class away when she got up on stage and sang, amazingly I must add.  There were also many great student bands, and a great turn out of people to enjoy the night.  Starting the night off with games and prizes and ending with food and friends.  It was a good night.
I have never met so many people from such a variety of courses at loyalist.  I don’t think I have ever met that many different courses in one day since I started college.  It was definitely an interesting night, getting to know a lot of different people.  It was my first Media Mash-up but others said it was the best and some said it was in the top five so I thought the night was a great success.
I was not involved with section ones United Way Campus Truckload Sale on Thursday morning in the cafeteria, as I am in section two.  I did show up near the end of it and heard from others that were there in the morning it was a good day, wasn’t as stressful or busy as they thought it would be.
The sale sold out of key items quick but still had a few things left at the end of the day.  The school set Loyalist PR’s goal at 11,000 dollars needed to be raised by both section's events.  Section one raised just over 7,450.  That is about 68 % of our goal already made.  Way to go, congratulations again, but the section two United Way Campus Truckload Sale has to sale more, so we can smash the set goal.  The prior five years Loyalist PR has raised 7,500 dollars altogether.
Section Two United Way Campas Truckload Sale: November 4th

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  1. Congrats, Loyalist PR, we are truely amazing


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