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Monday, January 31, 2011

The CityVille Swarm

Facebook, created for a way to communicate, is used for much more now.  We all know there are a lot of applications on facebook for everyone to use freely.  With more than 500 games alone on facebook you could never be bored.  The amount of traffic those games bring to facebook is in the 100's of billion.  The games on facebook improve as the public requests.  The games change like any other trend in the world.
For a long time FarmVille had the number one spot for monthly active users, I personal didn’t think anything was going to replace it.  It was not my most favoured game but it was to over 81 million others.  I am not 100% sure but I would guess Mafia Wars was top before FarmVille but I am guessing FarmVille set records for Facebook.   In December 2010, Farmville dropped just over 2.5 million active users, but was still was in the number one spot with 53.73 million active monthly users.  Following Farmville was Texas HoldEm Poker with 34.7 million and FrontierVille with 29.27 million active monthly users.  all three games were created by Zynga.
The unthinkable happened January 2011, FarmVille was replaced in the number one spot for monthly active user on Facebook.  The game that had replaced FarmVille was not even on the list of the top 25 Facebook games of December 2010. The new game was also created by Zynga and is called CityVille.  Facebook users swarmed to CityVille in January 2011. 
FrontierVille Gained almost 900 thousand users totalling 30.11 million and in fourth for active monthly users.  Texas HoldEm Poker gained almost 700 million sitting in third.  FarmVille gained 4.11 million active monthly users but was not enough to beat the CityVille swarm.  CityVille took first place for active monthly users totalling 80.01 millions, which they gained 99.987% of those members in January 2010. 
Well in my opinion CityVille is better than FarmVille and FrontierVille.  Congrats Zynga.
Here is the link to December Stats & January Stats.
My FarmVille Post; The FarmVille Way


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