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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Crazy New Year

The year has started with a storm for me.  Now that this is a new year I have tried to set new goals for myself.  This year I want to start getting on the path of my career.  To achieve that goal I needed some experience, so I had volunteered to do some work for the Belleville Bearcats, just to get some experience.    The work was not too hard but with Christmas and the New Years, there was not much left of my holiday left. 
As we started the second semester in Loyalist PR, I was slammed with seven group projects and no class time to work on them.  The semester does not look fun, it may be when it is all over but there are too many things due within a two week span.  To add to everything there are more little assignments, the weather, the flu, daycare and time table problems to deal with.   It is so hard to adapt at the beginning of the semester, and I feel the college never cares in semester two.
I find it odd that Loyalist College says they are there to do everything possible to help you succeed but their daycare closes before classes even end but if you leave or miss a day you lose marks, which is so helpful to me.  Their solution for me is to bring my child to class with me, so I ask how I will get my work done.  Just think about it a four year old girl, which is always hungry after school, going to sit in a computer lab, not touch anything and be quite, it’s not possible, no one will get any work done, I’m sorry Loyalist College but I’m not that disrespectful to other students, as I can see you don’t care.
The semester maybe busy but I have many project to blog about, so the post may come a little less but please continue to read them, I am almost at 5,000 page views.  This month has been a little slow for blogging but I will try my best to get them in there.
To add to the status of my blog, I will also be working on the design and layout of my blog, so feel free to email me at, let me know what you like and what you don’t like about my blog.  I hope everyone a good and safe new year.

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