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Monday, January 31, 2011

Passing Time

This is just a quick blog on my favourite Facebook pastimes.  If you didn’t read my last post, it explained that we all know there are a lot of applications on facebook for everyone to use freely.  With more than 500 games alone on facebook you could never be bored.  The amount of traffic those games bring to facebook is in the 100 billion.  The games on facebook improve as the public requests.  The games change like any other trend in the world.  I also post; The FarmVille Way.
The current top games are different from my all time favourite pastimes.  I am surprised that some other games are not in the top 25 but I guess I have a different taste in video games than the average world.  Some of the games on my list will be old a few are even gone.
Top 11 Facebook Pastimes
Runner ups
3 – Franchise Basketball - could us a skip options.
2 – FarmVille - lost interest
1 - FrontierVille - losing interest
Top 8
8 – My Shops - Could use more in the game.
7 – CSI: Crime City - Good Game but Xp system is a little unfair.
6 – Restaurant City - Good Game but to  much loading, to slow loading.
5 – Cafe World - Good Game But to  much loading, to slow loading.
4 – Mafia Wars - Really Good Game but I quit to long ago to restart.
3 – CityVille - Amazing Game but it needs new a lot more new missions.
2 - Ponzi - Epic Business Game but  has disappeared.
1 - Backyard Monsters - The Best Game on Facebook in my opinion, not much time need to play the game and is a lot of fun.

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