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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blogging Stats

This is just quick blog to recap on everything for this blog site.
The site started as a class project and has been come a past time of mine.  The lesson was so well I have, rubbed off on others.  No one in my class has blogged as much as I have.  Most will never blog again.   As for that my list is deleting on the side titles fellow PR blogs, as I look for new interesting blogs to follow.
My greatest successes from this blog in my opinion are the number of Google search I have had.  I have been found on Google so many times, I now commonly show up at the top of the search, I am the only Loyalist PR student I can find using Google.  If you even Google "Loyalist PR", my blog appears above all others, I love it.  The other great success I get from this is just the personal skills, I have obtained.

There are many things that have changed and most will continue to change on my blog.  My skills have spread, which is why I have been helping promote a new local blogger.  “”. 
Blogging has been fun and time consuming, I would like to thank you all for the views and your support.   I will always hope for more.
I have only been blogging for three and a half months now.  There were 63 posts in 2010 and another 11 this year.  I hope you have time to read them all and look forward to the next posts.  I broke the 5000th page view not too long ago, I am totalling 5318 page views now, thank you all again.
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