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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear Belleville, Lock Your Doors, Bar Your Windows

I had seen someone on Twitter tweet about this and had to check it out.  This is an article post The MacLean’s magazine titled “Canada’s most dangerous cities: the rankings”, Posted Thursday, October 14, 2010 3:30pm.  All ranks are determined by their crime score compared to the national crime score, I have no idea how they determine the crime score.
With most of the top cities being in B.C., five of the top ten are in B.C., Prince George, B.C. being the most dangerous city in Canada; its crime score is 90.41% higher.  Victoria, B.C., Second, Regina, & Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan, are third and fourth.   There are a total of 38 cities above the national average.
The Most Dangerous city in Ontario is my hometown of Belleville, Ontario.  Belleville was placed 15th with an 45.40 above average crime score, with Edmonton, Alta. slightly higher, placed 13th, and Vancouver, B.C. slightly below, placed 18th.  The next Ontario ranked city is Brantford & Thunder bay, which were ranked 22 & 23.
Other big cities ranked in at: Montreal is ranked 24, Winsor 35, Hamilton 41, Calgary 55, Toronto 57, Kingston 67, and Ottawa and Quebec &73, 74. I understand Belleville has had a bunch of murders in the area in the last little while and I don’t know how these cities got their ranks but Belleville has a Population of almost 49,000, Toronto has over 2.5 million in the GTA.  Toronto has about 51 people to our one person.  Toronto is -9.03 the national average (which is below the average), after the G20 Summit and other problems, Belleville is 45.40, so this is telling me Belleville has almost 2 % of Toronto’s population and 50 % higher Crime Score, I think that say people in Belleville are recommitting crimes way more often, does it not if 49,000 create more crime the 2.5 million?  I don’t know about you but I don’t like these stats.


  1. wow thats crazzyyyyy shit

  2. wow an to think i lived there not to long ago an lived there for basically my whole life!!! this is jus wild!

    danielle massicotte

  3. Why are you people so surprised? I have lived here all my live and have always said it was a mini New York.


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