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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Justice Served

 I have to give respect to this 71 year old lady.
If you haven’t heard already a few days ago while others watched, four robbers on motorized bikes attempted to break into Rolex shop.  For a good minute they bashed at the windows with bars and other objects.  The store workers had started to lock up the store shortly later.  This was in the middle of the day with many people watching some even taping it.  The crazy things people do theses days, eh!.
It was clear no one was going to attempt to stop the robber, as everyone just watched.  Then out of know where came this 71 year old lady in red, she runs in swinging on these four robbers.  The lady had ended up stopping the four robbers and even took one off his bike to later be captured by others.
Good job, that lady should be given a huge reward.  We need more people like that.  In my opinion, everyone there has a problem and should grow up, if it took a 71 year old lady to stop them.
It’s a fact the world is getting worse and that lady is lucky she didn’t get stabbed or shot.  The crazy thing is when people that do stand up and help the law; they get punished like the store owner (Mr. Chen) that caught his robber and held him till the cops got there and ended up charged for it.  We really need to stand up more for each other.

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  1. This is a good post that women really kicked butt!


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