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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loyalist PR Presents St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Support of the Quinte Arts Council

Rover’s Irish Pub at 230 Front Street in downtown Belleville will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day of Celebration on March 17, 2011 beginning at 11:30 am.  This event is being organized by the Quinte Arts Council with support of Loyalist College Public Relations students.
The celebration will include an old fashioned Irish fare prix fixe menu, a honourary Irish table, Irish dancers, a pianist, Irish music and a raffle. Enjoy soup, salad and a choice of four traditional Irish main courses, and imported beverages such as Strongbow Cider, Guinness, Harp Lager and Kilkenny beer.  The prix fixe menu is only $25 (does not include gratuity or beverages). Tickets must be reserved in advance by calling 613-962-1232.  Lunch will be served between noon and 3:00 pm.
Leading the festivities will be Shannon Neely, the Master of Ceremonies and head of the Honourary Irish table. A bagpiper will escort our Honourary Irish to their special VIP section where they will don a St.  Patrick’s Day hat and receive a certificate of appreciation.  Those who would like to celebrate their Irish heritage or become Honourary Irish for the day should call Shannon at 613-966-1020 ext. 454 or e-mail   Tickets are $125 and include the prix fixe lunch, and VIP extras.  Guests will receive a tax receipt in the amount of $100.  Festivities for the VIP guests take place from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.
Traditional Irish dancers will perform during the lunch hour as well as an Irish pianist. Music and festivities carry on throughout the afternoon and evening.
Carol Feeney, executive director of the Quinte Arts Council remarks, “This should be a fun day and we are delighted to have the support of the Rovers Irish Pub and the Loyalist College Public Relations students to raise funds for our programming and artist services.  We hope to have a good turnout.”  

My Best Free Game Site

Kw Benjamin’s blog is about a little bit of everything but I have always been interested in video games and have always enjoyed playing them.  I had a few games on this site but there was just not enough room to fully enjoy them.  This led me to create Kw Entertainment, which is basically a site for you to enjoy while you read my post or in the times between my posts.  They are free to everyone and have new games add almost every day.  What is different about this blog/game site?
Have you ever found a game site that has only good games on it?  Have you ever seen a game site that you only get the best versions of the game?  Are you looking for games for your blog site?  Or are you looking to play up to 4 games at one time? , In my opinion this is the best free online games for any blog site, and some of the best for websites.  All games are free to play as many times as you want.
The site is slowly improving and has only been running for just over a week but has almost 100 games add to it and more than 1000 views.  At the moment you can play, rate, and comment on the games.  For the best game play click on the title.  I have personal played each and every one of the games entered into Kw Entertainment and enjoyed them all.  Oybo games on the site allow you to upload your score to facebook and challenge other friends.
The site is improving  every week with new games and again offers free games to anyone you can click one my link at the top titled “Free Games” or go to: My Best Free Online Games

Just Remember for the: Best Free Online Games, Easy Selection, & Multi Playable Games.  Games types as Online Sports Games, Online RPG Games, Online Card Games, Online Tower Defence Games, and much more check out; Kw Entertainment.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Belleville is Kraft Hockeyville !!

Would you help support the Worlds second oldest Hockey arena?
Would you help your hometown in a national competition?
Would you like an NHL game to come to your hometown?
I know I do, so please help support Belleville in the Kraft Hockeyville Competition.
It only takes two clicks, Click Here, then click the Facebook “Like” button, the competition is close. 
Tune into CBC Television.  We will be there if CBC arrives with Cameras naming Belleville as a contender for the top prize in the Kraft Hockeyville Competiton.  Go Belleville Go.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blogger Report: Save a Belleville, Ontario Landmark !!

The Memorial Arena in Belleville, Ontario is a landmark to the locals.  In my opinion, it should be a Canadian landmark.
The Memorial Arena was built in 1929, and was home of the Belleville Mac Farlands.  The history behind this building in Belleville is huge, from it's millions of visitors, all the way back to its renaming in 1946.  In 1946, the Hume Arena was renamed the Memorial Arena.  This arena was the home rink of some of our greatest OHL, and NHL players. 
The Memorial Arena is the second oldest arena in the world, located in Belleville, Ontario Canada.  The Oldest Arena is in Cambridge, Ontario, also in Canada.  The Galt Arena was opened in 1922, in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  Both arenas still function today, although the Memorial Arena is having problems and there is talk of closing it down and ruin it historically.  Both Arenas should be made Canadian landmarks and should be protected for those reasons.
Need more reasons to help save the Memorial Arena? There are plenty.
There are ways we can Support the Memorial Arena.
Kraft Hockeyville has a campaign running at the moment.  You could have submitted a post about memories you have at the different building but the posted were closed as of January 30, 2011.  Now is the important part, we need to vote on the arena that should win to get $ 100,000, we need to vote for the Memorial Arena in Belleville, Ontario.
Voting Starts March 8th, Be Ready Please.
Although the Memorial Arena may need more than $ 100,000 dollars to be made a state of the art sports arena, it is a good start to keeping it around forever.  We need to bring awareness to this issue and fast.
We Need As Much Support As Possible.  Please Join this on Facebook. 
B.M.A.P.S. (Belleville Memorial Arena Preservation Society) 

Kraft Hockeyville Campaign Site (VOTE HERE);
Follow on Facebook Group:!/krafthockeyville
Twenty NHL Players that have enjoyed the Memorial arena from Pauline Crawford;
Drew Bannister-1990-2010, Billy Boyd- 1925-1930, "Weiner" Brown- 1951-1973, Matt Cooke1995-2010, Bob Crawford- 1976-1989, Louis Crawford- 1989-1992, Marc Crawford- 1978-1989, Bob Dillabough- 1957-1974, John "Red" Doran- 1932-1941, Gerry Goyer- 1955-1977, Rick Green- 1972-1992, Brett Hull- 1982-2006, Eric Manlow- 1991-2008, Norm Maracle- 1991-2010, Rick Meagher- 1973-1991, Andrew Raycroft- 1996-2010, Brad Richardson2000-2010, Derek Smith- 2000-2010, Chris Valentine- 1978-1996, Ed Westfall- 1957-1979, and I add PK Subban.
Twenty reason why save the Memorial Arena from Sherry Sherret;
1. The land was purchased in 1920 and the arena was erected in 1929.
2. 1946 arena was purchased for $40,000 from the Hastings Arena Ltd, renamed the Memorial Arena.
3. 1958 Allan Cup champion and '59 world champion Belleville McFarlands.
4. The Belleville Memorial Arena still has the original analogue clock.
5. The Belleville Memorial Arena is the second oldest Arena in the world.
6. The Belleville Memorial Arena is to honor and remember our Veterans.
20. World Championship Hockey team. What other arena can you go to and say this is where Champions played.
A lot of people posted memories; even past mayors, you should check them out.  Need More Facebook Likes to this story here:

Free Workshops From Loyalist PR

This year is the fifth year, and they want to know if you can hear them now?
March 17 – 22, 2011 At Loyalist College, located on Wallbridge Loyalist Road in Belleville Ontario, there will be seven free workshops on communication training to non-for-profit organizations hosted by Loyalist PR.
Avaiable to anyone in the greater Qunite area to educated them on the newest communication trends.  The workshops have been announced and they are;
Thursday, March 17, 2011:
- “Getting Started: How to Create an Effective Communications Plan”
& “What’s New with News Releases: How to Best Reach Your Partners in the Media”
Monday, March 21, 2011:
- “Citizen Journalism: How Today’s Social Media are Changing the Concept of Media Relations”
- “You are Here: How to Put Geolocation Marketing to Work for Your Non-Profit Organization”
& “Virtual Fundraising: Tips for Holding a Successful Online Event"
Tuesday, March 22, 2011:
- “Corporate Sponsorship 101”
 - “Idea Exchange: How to Get Your Team to Work Creatively and Collaboratively”
& “Talk to Me: What’s New in the World of Online Networking”
For more information; see Loyalist PR.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Loyalist PR Offers Free Hugs at Loyalist College

Monday, February 14, 2011, (Valentine’s Day), Loyalist PR was holding up signs displaying “Free Hugs” as they were handing out free hugs to all whom were willing. 
The class had learn about a man that had started this trend a little while ago, by standing around in a business high traffic area and held up a sign for hours that said “Free Hugs”.  He carried this same process for the following couple weeks.  He had made Feb 14th “Free Hug Day”.
The video shows you his progress throughout the weeks, but it really shows how untrusting people are in the world.  I am not going to tell you what happens in the video I will let you watch it below.  It’s a god inspiring video.  
In my opinion, everyone does need a hug or something to make them happy everyday but to stand around hugging random people is still a little weird to me and creepy.  Most people are good people but as we all know there are some extremely “different people in the world with a lot of different problems.”  There would always be someone that would take it too far.

The only reason I really did it was because it was at Loyalist College, if it was say downtown, would have made it a lot different.  I’m not sure if anyone would stand down there offering free hugs to everyone.  I still have no idea what this had to do with public relationship other than how friendly people really are.  Still is one of the more interesting lessons this semester at Loyalist College with Loyalist PR.

I support the Free Hug Campaign.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Do We Spend So Much on Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Flowers, A plant that grow from the ground, used for a decoration or gift, but die so fast. 
I understand they are beautiful but they have to be one of the most profitable items in the world.   The only reason for that is because of Valentine’s Day.  What makes flowers so special on Valentine’s Day?
Over the years flowers have grown in price like everything else in the world but the amount is wild.  I know the economy hurt that industry more than others in the last few years but today when I seen the price over a single flower over five dollars here in Canada, I was shocked.   I had bought some because of the special day, and if you have a girlfriend, roses are usually huge on Valentine’s Day.
On my way home I was thinking why do we spend so much on flowers?  There is no question about it over time it has become a way to show many things.  The industry is smart.  They know we want the flowers, they know they don’t last very long and that the moment we need them for is a type of surprise, which makes it harder to have them in advance.   When the flower industry totals those numbers, it becomes a gold mine of a market, all because of one day.
On the city bus today I was taking the flowers home and the driver had asked me why I pay so much for flowers.  Funny, I had been thinking about that but before I could answer, an older gentle man had spoken up.  The old gentle man had said he had been with his wife for 40 years.  He had pick flowers for his wife for their first Valentine’s Day but times have changed.  Even if he had spent $ 50 Dollars for each time he bought flowers, he only bought them twice a year, her birthday and Valentine’s Day.  I must remember $ 100 dollars a year for 40 years, is $ 4000 Dollars, it’s still cheaper than divorce.  A happy wife = A happy life.  So the answer I came up with is because we do what makes them happy, we love them.
A report I found only says flowers have become more than a decoration or gift over the years.   It states that each color has its own “special meaning”.  Red: love and romance.  Yellow: Friendship, joy, and get well.  Pink: love, gratitude, and appreciation.  White: purity, sympathy, and spirituality.  Orange: Desire, Enthusiasm, and passion.  Lavender: Enchantment, and Love at first sight.  You can read more at the link below.  Also, below is a report about how much we spend.  That site predicts we will spend more than $ 17 billion with Valentine’s Day.
Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

Fans File Lawsuit against the NFL for 5 Million Dollars

The Super Bowl was amazing wasn’t it?  It was a great match up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.  You can also check out my pre-game predictions for the game by viewing my post titles “Who will win the Lombardi Trophy in 2011? ”.  As most already know the score was 31 -25 for the Green Bay Packers.
The Super Bowl was going well and millions were watching at home but as the game was playing, the fans were getting angry fast.  The fans were angry because when they arrived at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington they were told they had no seats.   There were a total of 1250 fans left without a seat.
The NFL had notified the fans only a couple hours before the Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Game on Sunday that their 1250 temporary seats were filed unsafe.  Most of the fans that were seated in the unsafe seating area were given a new seat, about 850 of the 1250 fans were seated.   The remaining 400 were sent to standing rooms to watch the game.
Just two days after the Super Bowl the fans filed a lawsuit in Dallas.  The lawsuit alleges breach of contract, fraud, and deceptive sales practices, which is from the 400 fans that were made to watch the game in a standing room on a TV and the 850 fans that were made to sit in other seats.
Reports go on to explain reasons why the fans should get 5 million in damages.  They had complaints such as they had to sit in fold up metal chairs, under a over hands, without a views of Cowboy Stadiums huge video board and had paid to stand and watch a TV, which destroyed memory they will never get to have.  The repost goes on to say many people were disgusted with the NFL's actions and states the fans are not looking to get rich, only want their troubles paid for.
The NFL has announced that the roughly 400 fans that were left without seat at last Sundays Super Bowl will be able to choose from two options.  Option one; they can have a free ticket to next season’s Super Bowl and a cash payment of $2,400, which is stated as three times the original value of their ticket.  Option two; a ticket to next year’s Super Bowl and paid round-trip airfare with hotel accommodations. 
All I have to say is WOW.  Don’t get me wrong I understand where the fans are coming from; there is nothing more I hate than buying something and not getting what I thought I was paying for.  5 million may not be a lot of money to the NFL but 5 million is still a lot of money.  Look at what they are offering, in my opinion I would take it and run.  When I first heard about this I only thought the fans would get their money back, yet three times their value, plus.  I understand where the fans are coming from but 5 million is a little extreme.  If I had filed a lawsuit on every company that had done something like this to me, I would be a billionaire.
I do have to admit the "fan's" case does look solid and they just may get what they are demanding.

Also, what if the NFL has a lock out next season?  There will be no Super Bowl.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

COD: Modern Warfare 2, Secert Old Lady Kills all !!

I found this while I was surfing on YouTube, I found it kind of interesting.  The real questions is it true?

This is the video of the secert old lady that is in Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 2.

Is there really a secert old lady in COD: MW 2? The video look true but I am not sure.  I will be trying this now that I have seen this.

I always find it funny when they add something like this to the game, and even funnier when people take the hours to find them.

The best thing about the "old lady" would be if you could get her to kill the other team that came near as well.  another question is if there is anymore hidden things like this?  I will be testing it out.

Justice Served

 I have to give respect to this 71 year old lady.
If you haven’t heard already a few days ago while others watched, four robbers on motorized bikes attempted to break into Rolex shop.  For a good minute they bashed at the windows with bars and other objects.  The store workers had started to lock up the store shortly later.  This was in the middle of the day with many people watching some even taping it.  The crazy things people do theses days, eh!.
It was clear no one was going to attempt to stop the robber, as everyone just watched.  Then out of know where came this 71 year old lady in red, she runs in swinging on these four robbers.  The lady had ended up stopping the four robbers and even took one off his bike to later be captured by others.
Good job, that lady should be given a huge reward.  We need more people like that.  In my opinion, everyone there has a problem and should grow up, if it took a 71 year old lady to stop them.
It’s a fact the world is getting worse and that lady is lucky she didn’t get stabbed or shot.  The crazy thing is when people that do stand up and help the law; they get punished like the store owner (Mr. Chen) that caught his robber and held him till the cops got there and ended up charged for it.  We really need to stand up more for each other.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guitar Hero; Is It History?

I never personal played this game.  I never even really watched anyone play it.  I do understand what you need to do and how to play but I just understand the enjoyment of it.  The game is just not my cup of tea.
I had heard a lot of talk about the game title "Guitar Hero", everyone knew what it was.  Game after game started coming out, singers and bands were even endorsing them.  I was almost sure the game was not going anywhere and soon every performer would have their own version of the game.
Then, thanks to Twitter I seen RIP guitar hero, I had to check it out.  Reports now say they have dropped all work on the deployment of the next Guitar Hero game, also disbanding their guitar hero division.  

The companies’ reason is “due to continued declines in the music genre”.  This mean there will be no more Guitar Hero or DJ Hero.  The report also goes on to mention they will be laying off approximately 500 employees.
Is the brand gone entirely? No.  Could it come back? They may look in to rebranding the game some way but I am not sure if it going to happen.  In my opinion, the first one was alright and everyone after that was a scam to get your money because it was like 90% the same game.

Did you miss Facebook’s Birthday!!!

Most do not know this fact but last Friday (February 4th 2011) as our beloved Facebooks birthday.  Facebook became 7 years old and is celebrating with over 600 million users.  600 million users from all across the world, is an amazing number in my opinion.
We all know Facebook is not a fade and will most likely be around for many more years to come, as you can read in an older post I had done title "The Social Revolution".

Facebook is still continuing to grow rapidly rising from its 350 million users the year before, and still shows signs of continuing to grow.  Congratulations to Facebook on the last seven years of work.
Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2005 with no idea where it was going, seven years later his company is worth more than 50 Billion dollars.  On average that is more than a 7 Billion dollar rise each year.  In my opinion that is wild.
I have to give Mark credit, he created something people can't live without, went from a student to a billionaire.  I don’t know about you but how much have you made in the last 7 years, mark has to be the world’s fastest billionaire.  So, Congratulations Mark to making billions, and becoming the modern day Alexander Graham Bell, which leaves him to be talked about for the rest of eternity. 

Facebook is most likely soon to be the biggest brand there is, if it isn't already.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Packers Vs Steelers Hype

Well I was surfing good old YouTube, again.  I found another good Super Bowl video that builds good hype for the Super Bowl this weekend.

Here is the video, It's a good video to watch. Only two minutes long.

Who do you think will take the lombardi trophy this year?

Here is my Super Bowl prediction; Here is why there will be NO Super Bowl next year.

"One Defining Moment"

Super Bowl XLV: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers

Well I was surfing good old YouTube I found some good Super Bowl video in support of the Steelers. 

Here is one of the video I found, It's a good video to watch. Only A few minutes long.

The Steelers still have a chance to win this years Super Bowl but in my opinion it is unlikly they will.

Here is my Super Bowl prediction; Here is why there will be NO Super Bowl next year.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Who will win the Lombardi Trophy in 2011?

There is no doubt this year the Super Bowl will be huge.   This could be the last Super Bowl until 2013, if you haven’t read about the NFL lockout yet you can read it in my post titled "The NFL's future looks to lockout, Will the NBA follow?".  The lockout is threatening next year’s season and that would make this Super Bowl more important.  There is also no doubt that all eyes will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday.  So the question is who will win this year’s Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers?
When thinking about this answer, you are going to need to think of the current injuries in both rosters.  The Super Bowl would be easier to pick a winner with two full health rosters.  Like the weather the injuries can't always be controlled, which in my opinion may make the game better.  It definitely raises questions on who is going to win this year and take home the Lombardi trophy.
The question for the Steelers fans is, what is Pouncey going to do?  If the Steelers go without their Pro Bowl Center, they could be in trouble for this Super Bowl.  Maurkice pouncey has been set to a game-time decision, and it may be the game making decision for the Steelers this Sunday.   There are other players that the Steelers will need this Sunday, such as Polamalu but his ankle isn’t looking promising.  I don’t know what the Steelers are going to do.
Don’t get me wrong the Packers have their problems going in to the Super Bowl as well.  Missing more than a dozen players from their roster with five of them from their starting line up, the Packers have problems too.  With their linebackers Barnett and Chillar down that area of their team has became weak.  The Super bowl winner may be who can take advantage of whose weakness best.
My predict for the winner of the 2011 Super Bowl is; Pouncey will not play due to injury. The Steelers will play a close first half with a 7-7 score, but I think the Packers will run with it in the second half, winning 7-16 final.  What do you think?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

All Eyes Will Be On The NHL In 2011.

In my last post titled “The NFL future looks lockout, Will the NBA follow?” I had explained the NFL (National Football League) going into lock out and how the NBA (National Basketball Association) may be following them in the same direction.  Well the NHL is a head of the game, since it had its lockout a few years ago.
September is a huge month for professional sports.  The NBA, NHL, and NFL start their seasons.  All three season go well into the spring.  The MBL has a summer/fall season, so the World Series is also around that time, which will end in October.  September is most likely one of the busiest month of professional sports. 
In 2011, it looks to be a year where the NHL will dominate most of the sports coverage for than end of 2011 and start of 2012.  The NHL will most likely caption more at attendance than they have ever had in history.  They will almost have all the coverage over professional sports.  The NHL will most like set records for game night viewers.
The fall always does provide new series and TV shows that start in the fall but my prediction is with no NBA or NFL next season, the NHL will most likely double their usual at home viewers.  How much will it raise ticket sales? Because their will be no other season going on.  Some teams may not be as affected as others but for some big city teams I am sure it will raise the ticket sales noticeable amount.  Good luck NHL, reap the reward & run with the cash while you can.

The NFL's future looks to lockout, Will the NBA follow?

Well the Super Bowl is around the corner, and next season is most likely going to be locked out.  The question now is who will follow?
Most have heard the NFL (National Football League) has a good chance of being locked out next year.  In the past other leagues have locked out, such as NHL (National Hockey League).  Some reports have said there is no chance the NFL will not lock out next season, because that they need the salary cap.  Other reports have said there is only an 80 % chance, in my opinion those odd are still high.  A season with no NFL would be different, in Canada hockey was well missed while the NHL had a Lockout.   My only question is how will it affect the NFL and what is to follow?
There has been a lot of talk about NFL lock out.  There has not been much talk about the NBA lockout.  While I was reading blogs, I found reports stating the NBA (National Basketball Association) are in the same situation. The situation is if there players do not drop their salary than the next season will be locked out.   Both the NBA and the NFL 2011 season locked out?   Now, I wonder what the future looks like for the NBA as well.
So now the question is will the NBA Lockout with the NFL next season?   Do you think any of the players will drop their salary to prevent the lock out?  Would you?
If they do lock out, what will happen to both of them?  Are the players staying or going?
This lockout will most likely be talked about more as the days to come.  I will update you if anything more happens.  
Here are other reports about the lock out.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Updating blog

This is just a quick blog to let the followers of the updates happing to the blog site.  This experience has been fun.  I have enjoyed this.
As you may have noticed, my side bars have been changing, I have added a local blog sections.  most of my fellow PR list has gotten smaller.  I have start to attempt to learn the Amazon part which is why; I have added it to the bottom of my blog site.  I have also moved all the news down to that location.  I hope some of you find some interest time there I will also be switching them everyone once and a while. 
The biggest change to my blog site is I have been attempting to shrink the page size.  I move the header picture and made a new banner for my blogger site.  I think it looks much better.   The banner may change in the future.
What is to come in the new future? 
I will be finding more blogs to follow and add to my lists.  I want to make edit my labels and add a couple news labels such as a sports section, so look forward to them in the near future.  I will also be testing new lay-out and games for my blog site.

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