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Friday, October 15, 2010

My Experience with Loyalist’s Public Relations Course

My experience with Loyalist PR has been a success for my future already.   My public relations classes started almost two months ago, the course is in an enjoying, friendly classroom, with good instructors.  In my last year of the business administration course I worked on a business plan for a non-for profit business, but knew it was not amazing.
The course has already showed me how I can improve it, and has made me focus on getting into the non-for profit industry.   The course already has our class doing a couple of events, which I enjoy and look to be both a huge success.  Some of the events we are working on are the United Way Campus Truckload Sale and Kingston’s National Philanthropy Day.
The Public Relations course at loyalist college is an interesting course, the field is bigger than most people think it is.  The field is much more than a non-for profit industry but is my interest for a career path.
Anyone Interested should check out a public relations course, Loyalist PR being one of them.


  1. Way to go Kyle, I am glad that you are pursuing what you want to do,stay focused and you can do whatever you want,you already know this.
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  2. Being a volunteer can be more rewarding that any factory or desk job. Have fun at whatever you do, then it doesn't feel like a job.

  3. Keep up the AMAZING work !!!!!!!


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