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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loyalist PR: Upcoming Events

Loyalist Public Relations is more than just busy.  A small list of upcoming events will have Loyalist PR students running around, working and networking.  The small list consists of Media Mash-up, United Way Campus Truckload Sale, United Way Campus Truckload Sale "The Sequel", and National Philanthropy Day.

Media Mash-up, Hosted at Loyalist College by the Loyalist PR students, with all media students or people in the near community to have a good night, enjoy themselves, play games and network.  It looks to be an interesting night.

United Way Campus Truckload Sale is a sale hosted at Loyalist College, in the cafeteria, thanks to the United Way of Qunite.  There will be useful everyday items for the staff and students to buy at a discounted price and save some money. The United Way Campus Truckload Sale "The Sequel", is the same sale with different products and the first sale is hosted by section one of Loyalist PR, and "The Sequel" is hosted by Section two of Loyalist PR.

National Philanthropy Day is only going to be enjoyed by Loyalist PR for a day of learning and networking in Kingston, Ontario.

With a timetable full of events the work is ready to be done, there is not much to miss when your in Loyalist PR.

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