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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bloggers Report: Youth Darts Needs Members

Not being recognized as an actual sport, with no funding, Belleville youth darts is trying to stay alive with few children/youth and is in need of more members.  The memberships of children/youth are the only thing keeping this non-for-profit organization open and running.  Each year fewer children sign up and the numbers are shrinking. 
Belleville and District Youth Darts starts every Sunday at 10 am, bottom floor, at the Royal Canadian Legion (132 Pinnacle, Belleville).   Accepts all children/youth ages 7-18, to come and have a good day.  The league offers them to play darts, make some friends and socialize for a few hours on Sunday.  If a successful player, they can have many opportunities for tournaments and events.
I highly recommend this for all children and youth just for the experience and skills you gain from the organization.  I can almost guarantee your child will be good at math if successful in darts, and a good sportsman.  I joined darts when I was eleven and played until I was seventeen, darts provided me with some of my greatest memories and most of my life time friends.  NDFC, is the National Dart Foundation of Canada which can provide them many opportunities to play all over the world, if successful at the tournaments.  Belleville darts needs the trophy to come home again. Go out and enjoy yourself.


  1. They also have an Adult league that is always welcomeing new members!!

  2. It's great for kids. They make new friends, have a great time and learn team skills as well. Everyone get a trophy or medal in the end. At least come check it out.

  3. Also if they get to be a great shooter they have the opportunity to travel to different places to compete. Get opportunity for all ages.


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