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Thursday, April 28, 2011

NHL 2011 Playoff Round 1: East Recap

As you read in my NHL 2011 Playoff east and west predictions.  Eight teams from both the eastern and western NHL conferences have entered in the 2011 NHL Playoffs, competing for the Stanley Cup.  The Stanley Cup Playoffs Round one ended last night; you can follow the scores at the bottom of my site.
To predict who will win the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff has become a little easier as half the teams have been eliminated; here is where the NHL playoff become interesting.
I gave you my prediction for each round of the playoffs.  Here is my recap on how well I predicted Round one in the NHL Playoffs.  Next Post Western Recap.
Eastern Conference Round 1
Washington (1) vs. New York (8)
I said Washington would win in six games w/ the chance of this series becoming a  home team series and may go to seven games.  New York did well and they were able to push the series to a game seven but Washington still took game seven at home.  My Prediction was Right.
Philadelphia (2) vs. Buffalo (7)
Philadelphia did well, but Buffalo surprised me by pushing it to game seven.   My Prediction mostly Right.
Boston (3) vs. Montreal (6)
I knew this series would be one of the best in Round One in the NHL playoffs.  I thought Boston had the chance to put Montreal away earlier. I knew Montreal would put up a good fight but Boston has always been there best match-up.  Boston still won game seven.  My Prediction Mainly Right..
Pittsburgh (4) vs. Tampa Bay (5)
Pittsburgh had an amazing fight against Tampa Bay but as i said they just didn’t have enough and Tampa Bay took it in game seven.  My Prediction was Right.

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