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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dead Asleep Over Dead Rising 2

I heard all this hype about Dead Rising 2 and how it its multi-player and going to be a top game of the year. Bored, so I went out last weekend with the family and I decided to buy it, so I could try it.  I have had it over a week trying to enjoy it but it’s so boring and I feel it's no different than the last.
Now, I’m not sure what the terms are on these game ratings but I think someone needs their head checked.   The only Multi-player is online which was annoying and it was only joining another game so two player co-op or playing some mini games which had nothing to do with the game itself, which you could play with four others an lasts about four minutes long.
Yes, you may be able to combined weapons and the map is bigger but it’s just a boring as the first game, killing millions of zombies alone will always be boring then you die and do it all over again, sounds fun right? No, it would have been good game if you could bring friends in from your house, and go four players.  That is the only way I would give it the rating it got.  My question is whatever happened to multi-player games? Everything is one player these days; does no one have any friends anymore?

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