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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Loyalist PR Comes to an End

Thirty three posts about Loyalist PR later and it’s OVER.  It’s been a long time coming and I am so glad it’s here.  What trip it has been to get to today.
The last few weeks have been busy with events, assignment and reports.  Loyalist PR does so much work in March.  March is by far the busiest month for Loyalist PR.  What the future leads for us public relations students I am not sure.  For the next four weeks our class will be on our internships. 
First semester was a breeze, didn’t even notice it passed by.  Second Semester started similar but quickly picked up pace.  When March hit we were stormed with work.  February was steady.  March, I Blinked and it’s the 26th.  Where did the time go?
Currently classmates are going all across Ontario and a few across Canada.  Will we ever meet again?  My theory is; if we are good at what we do, than I’m sure we will hear about each other?  Will they all follow in the same field?  Only the future will tell.  Now is only the beginning.
Our class filled with a wide verity of people with a wide range of skills.  Some classmate I will miss more than others, but I was also too busy to get to know everyone well enough to call them all friends.  Good times and bad, Loyalist PR was an experience I will never forget.
I’ve posted now 33 times about Loyalist PR, I am not sure if I’m done yet.  I should pass this torch on to next year’s students.  It’s been a long year, alot has happened. 
If you Google “Loyalist PR” I’m the only student to show up on the first page.  I would say I’ve promoted them really well.  More views on my blog than all other classmates.  I assisted my town and
others such as Wolfe Island & Kraft Hockeyville.
I don’t need any awards, this was fun.  I can say Loyalist PR has shown me something’s that I enjoy and others I will never forget but it was stressful.  I am so glad to say “Internship here I come”

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  1. I am also on the front page with my blog :) I wish everyone would keep blogging :)
    How are things going?


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