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Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Stay at the Capri Inn in St. Catharines

I have been involved with youth darts since I was a youth playing in darts.  You can read more about youth darts in Belleville, Ontario in an earlier post.  I enjoyed play darts my whole life and the sport was huge for both my social and education parts of my life.  Some of my life-time friend I meet through youth darts.  I will always recommend darts to all youth for those reasons.
Youth darts every year has NDFC (National Darts Federation of Canada) championship.  The championship is built up of a number of tournaments until you become number one in the world.  Every year, the Eastern Ontario Championship is held St. Catharines at the Quality Hotel Parkway Convention Center.   This year the hotel was doing renovations.
Last year friends had stayed at the Capri Inn, just down the road.  This year we choose to stay there with them.   We had chosen to stay there because of the good experience last year.
Capri Inn Located at 391 Ontario St. In St. Catharines was an amazing motel to stay at.  Two year now I have gone there and had an amazing experience.  The staffs were some of the friendliest people I have meet in St. Catharines.  The motel I found was the cheapest in the area and had no sacrifice in style or comfort.  Capri Inn i found offered as much as the others for the best price.
I recommend anyone looking to get away for a few days, visit St. Cathrines and stay at the Capri Inn.

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