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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kraft Hockeyville 2011 Prediction

The winner of Kraft Hockey 2011 will be announced 5 days from today, April 2, 2011.  It has been a long and enjoying battle for many communities competing to be number one for Kraft Hockeyville this year.  I say Good luck to all Kraft Hockeyville top 5, but here is my prediction on which town will be the winner this year.
On April 2, 2011, all five will be winners, but only one will be crowned number one for Kraft Hockeyville 2011.  There are four runner-up prizes of $ 25,000 and a grand prize of $ 100,000 for arena upgrades w/ a complementary per-season NHL game.
I hope Wolfe Island is Kraft Hockeyville 2011 and takes home the competition.  Over the last week, after CBC announced the Kraft Hockeyville 2011 top 5, I had done a little research.  Here is my findings with predictions.
First Round Voting for Kraft Hockeyville 2011
Conception Bay South, NL outnumbered Antigonish, NS -- 460,287 to 298,867 votes.  Saint Raymond, Que outnumbered Chateauguay, Que -- 204,894 to 81,644 votes.  Wolfe Island, ON outnumbered Navan, ON -- 265,299 to 149,921 votes.  Bentley, AB outnumbered Brandon, Man -- 242 055 to 77,641 votes.  Mackenzie, BC outnumbered Fort Nelson, BC -- 242 055 to 147,047 votes
Conception Bay South, NL – Vote; 460,287 – Population; 22000 – Votes Per Person; 21 –Most Votes.
Mackenzie, BC – Votes; 335,251 – Population; 5500 – Votes Per Person; 61 –Need 28% to match first.
Wolfe Island – Votes; 265,299 - Population 1300 – Votes Per Person; 204.1 - Need 43% to match first.
Bentley, AB – Votes; 242 055 - Population 1100 – Votes Per Person; 220.05 - Need 48% to match first.
Saint Raymond, Que- Votes 204,894- Population 9300 – Votes Per Person;  22 – Need 56% to match first.
Antigonish - 298,867 – Third highest votes in first round, Conception Bay South eliminated them.  They had 65% of Conception Bay South’s votes.  Navan - 149,921 – had 56.5% of Wolfe Island’s votes.  Fort Nelson - 147,047 - had 44% of Mackenzie’s votes.  Chateauguay - 81,644 – had 40% of Saint Raymond’s votes.  Brandon - 77,641 – had 32% of Bentley’s votes
KW Prediction
The odds are on Conception Bay South, NL.  My hope is with Wolfe Island; But Conception Bay South’s 460,287 votes first round had shown their spirit was ready and strong.   Conception Bay South has a much larger population which most likely wasn't fully reached before the end of the first vote.  Bentley had 220 votes per person, Conception Bay South only 21 votes per person.  Another factor,  if fellow Atlantic competitor Antigonish, NS put their support on them after being eliminated, their numbers would be extreme.  Remember Antigonish was the third most votes’ last round. 
Placement Prediction
1-      Conception Bay South
2-      Mackenzie (had a good lead)
3-      Wolfe Island (not far behind second)
4-      Bentley
5-      Saint Raymond


  1. Mackenzie's population is more like 2700

  2. Good luck to all of the Top 5- GO MACKENZIE GO, Kraft Hockeyville Spirit Lives Here!!!!

  3. I am sorry Mackenzie, Reports online including the town website all say different numbers.

  4. Go Mackenzie!!!!


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