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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Support Belleville is Kraft Hockeyville in March.

The Belleville Memorial Arena has been entered into the Kraft Hockeyville contest, which was created by CBC in 2006.  The Hockeyville contest has four rounds. We have been nominated (which was round one) and now are in the second round of the completition.  Belleville Memorial Arena can use all the support they can get.
BMAPS (Belleville Memorial Arena Preservation Society) is hosting a rally to support Belleville in the Kraft Hockeyville contest.  The rally will be at Market Square, downtown Belleville, on March 5 from 11 AM till 1 PM.  You can find more information about the rally and what is happening at the BMAPS blog site.

The Belleville arena is one of 101 other arenas entered into the competition in Ontario.  The third and fourth rounds need your votes to support the arena.  The competition is tight and the winning vote could be yours, so help make Belleville Kraft Hockeyville 2011, with your support it can happen.   It is currently the second round but that will end in a week and Belleville will need your votes, to continue to the fourth round and compete for the grand prize.  For more info about the contest visit;

I will personally be stopping by to see how it is going and check out the contest.   I think it would be great for our city to win this national competition, which is why I show my support in this competition and ask that you would too.  The event downtown will help the local Gleaners Food Bank and be a live broadcast so the more support the better and we can show CBC, ‘BELLEVILLE IS KRAFT HOCKEVILLE’.

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