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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Successful Blogging

How do you define successful blogging?  Is it; having views? Having followers? How often you blog? What is it?
Are you a successful blogger if you post amazing articles but no one reads them?  Is successful blogging when others respond?  What if you post once and a while and get your friends to read it?
There is no drought in my mind to be a successful blogger you need to use your public relations skills to get your information cycled around.  Twitter one of the most amazing tools for bloggers to use.  Twitter can have your information seen across the globe in seconds; you just need to know how to say it properly in 180 characters.   Facebook however can be a useful tool but takes a little more time to get started and build a group of followers.
I would say I have been successfully blogging.  Most other classmates have less than 250 views. 

I would never hide how many views i have had, unlike others. Thank you to my trust worthy followers I have had 11,357 page views in the
last 5 months, which averages 2,271 page views a month.  A total of 109 posts now, which averages 22 posts a month and each post, gets about 105 views each.  I would say that is successful blogging for focusing on small community news.
I will continue to spread to truth to everyone, providing assistance where assistance is needed.
Thank you again to my follows.


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