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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Updating blog

This is just a quick blog to let the followers of the updates happing to the blog site.  This experience has been fun.  I have enjoyed this.
As you may have noticed, my side bars have been changing, I have added a local blog sections.  most of my fellow PR list has gotten smaller.  I have start to attempt to learn the Amazon part which is why; I have added it to the bottom of my blog site.  I have also moved all the news down to that location.  I hope some of you find some interest time there I will also be switching them everyone once and a while. 
The biggest change to my blog site is I have been attempting to shrink the page size.  I move the header picture and made a new banner for my blogger site.  I think it looks much better.   The banner may change in the future.
What is to come in the new future? 
I will be finding more blogs to follow and add to my lists.  I want to make edit my labels and add a couple news labels such as a sports section, so look forward to them in the near future.  I will also be testing new lay-out and games for my blog site.

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