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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prince Charles Fun Fair

Today, May 5 2011, Prince Charles Public School of Belleville Ontario, will be holding their annul end of the year fun fair at 4:30 PM.   I have been doing my Loyalist PR internship with Prince Charles Public School working on fundraising for their fun fair.

Prince Charles Public School, which is located on Richie Street in Belleville Ontario currently goes up to grade five.  Current grades six, seven, and eight now attend Sir Mackenzie Bowell School, also known as SMB.   Next year, SMB will be closing.  Sir John A. Macdonald School and Prince Charles Public School are currently under construction to expand to take in more students along with three more grades.
This year’s fundraising is important to Prince Charles as they still need new play equipment for the following year.  The construction is currently being built over the old playground and the new playground will need to be relocated.  Prince Charles is looking forward to their new play equipment.

Prince Charles Public School’s fun fair hopes to raise most of the money needed for the new play equipment.  The Fun Fair looks to be fun as I have lived in the community for a few years now and have attended their Fun Fair in past years.  Their will be returning games like cake walk, sock pull, rubber chicken tossing, surprise bags and much more.   I invite anyone in the area to feel free to come & enjoy your day and have some fun at Prince Charles public School.  It will support a great cause.
Prince Charles is located at 75 Ritchie Avenue, the fun fair will be held within the school, from 4:30 PM till 7:30 PM.  All game require tickets, tickets are .50 cents each and can be purchased at the front door.  I hope to see everyone there.

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  1. i remember bayside having these fun fairs all the time it was usually a surprisingly good time for grade school entertainment.. it always beat the fair lol


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