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Saturday, May 14, 2011

NHL 2011 Playoff: Conference Final Predictions

The NHL Playoff started with 16 teams.  The 2011 Playoffs are currently in the conference finals, which is now down to four teams.  The Stanley Cup Playoffs conference finals start tonight; you can follow the scores at the bottom of my site.
The First round I had Predicted 7 out of the 8 series correctly & in the second round predicted only two out of the three series correctly. This round I hope to predict them all correctly.  Tampa Bay was the only team to surprising me last round beating Washington.  If you are interested my last post was “NHL 2011: West & East Semi-Final Recap”.
This is where the NHL playoffs get really good to watch because it’s now down to the four best teams.  I will still be giving you my prediction for the final round of the playoffs.  These next two rounds of the NHL Playoffs will be nearly impossible to predict because in the playoffs everyone dose better than normal.  Here is my prediction for the NHL Playoff Prediction for both the eastern and western finals.
I knew one team would step up and surprise me.  Tampa Bay did good eliminating Washington.  I picked Washington because I thought Washington could beat them but they are commonly eliminated at about this time and Tampa Bay is one of the best team when playing under pressure but they eliminated Washington in FOUR.
San Jose another team commonly eliminated at this time, also shocked me.  Although I said I was unsure and favouring Detroit, I knew San Jose may pull that series off.   This could possibly be San Jose’s year for the cup.
Eastern & Western Conference Round 3 Predictions

Vancouver (1) vs. San Jose (3)
I enjoy watching both teams although I am Canadian, hope Vancouver takes this series.   I am unsure of the winner, favouring Vancouver I think this series will be amazing to watch and will most likely go to a seventh game, where I think Vancouver will take it at home.  I think the winner of this series will win the Stanley Cup.
Boston (3) vs. Tampa Bay (5)
Boston will win in six games.  Tampa Bay amazed me last round I don’t think they will do it again.  Boston is a stronger team with better chemistry, which is what Washington lacked in round two being eliminated by Tampa Bay.   The series could be a surprise and be over in 4 or 7 games, I think 6 games.
There are my 2011 NHL Playoff Round 3 Predictions.

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