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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Assisting Prince Charles Public School

Providing assistance where assistance is needed is the mission.  We all know there are a lot of places that could use help.  To end my Loyalist PR course at Loyalist College,  I choose at the last minute to assist Prince Charles Public School here in Belleville Ontario.  The main task for my internship was fundraising and assisting Prince Charles Public School in fundraising and assisting with coordinating their fun fair. Last post was titled: Prince Charles Fun Fair.
Prince Charles Public School, located on Richie Street currently goes up to grade five.  Currently, grades six, seven, and eight attend Sir Mackenzie Bowell School, also known as SMB.   I choose this school because it also is in my community.  As I stated in my last post next year, SMB will be closing.  Currently under construction to expand to take in more students along with three more grades are Sir John A. Macdonald School and Prince Charles Public School.  I felt this year’s fundraising is important because Prince Charles still needs new play equipment for the following year.  Construction of the new school is located where the equipment was, the new equipment will be relocated.  Prince Charles is looking forward to their new play equipment.
The fun fair is not the only task I am assisting with for my internship.  As I said it was important to me to do much more this year then they had done in the past.  I want to set records and leave them with a “BANG”.

The fun fair did well this year, and totals are being calculated and I can say we did better than last year, hoping to set a record for following years to beat. 
This year, we are going to be bringing back Prince Charles’ Year Book.  The year book has been my task; Prince Charles has not had a year book almost 10 years.  Prince Charles currently goes to grade five and most students have never had a year book, which would be good for them to remember Prince Charles before the expansion.   I hope to remember the old school, and to celebrate a year end, and to support Prince Charles Public School with the year book.
I am also assisting with a cook book that will also be available.  The “Prince Charles Students Cook Book” will provide recipes that the students have provided.  Each class will feature entrees, appetizers’, as well as treats for others to try.  Both the cook book and year book order forms will be available soon.

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