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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Huge Branding, Helps Create New Brands

The Pepsi Corporation known as PepsiCo is holding a campaign titled the “Pepsi’s Refresh Project”.
The Pepsi Refresh Project is a Campaign to “Refresh the World” as PepsiCo like to say.  The campaigns website is  The events are held one after other on different intelligently scheduled months, which they call each one a “Cycle”. 
The project is to have people post their ideas on the site and other vote on which should get the grants from PepsiCo. 
Each person that wants to post has to choose which category they would like to post under.  There are only six different categories.  The categories include health, arts and culture, food and shelter, the planet, neighbourhoods, and educations.

PepsiCo used a well thought out and planned a head plan for their campaign.  Starting this campaign on such social media tool like twitter and facebook was an amazing idea.  With Social media being the biggest era of communication ever and with most growing generations living on social media, it is safe to say there was no better way to start their campaign.
PepsiCo took a huge risk pulling out of the Super Bowl ads but with the change of this being more useful was a good idea, in my opinion.  I think at the begin of the campaign the security should have been a big thing, they should have tasted it and retested it, with something as private as company plans, they should have been on top of it before it even happened.

Now, an article I found states that the campaign had problems after starting the campaign.  The campaign has been reported to have security problems are the start or the campaign.  The problem was while people were summiting posts; their private information was send to the wrong person. (Erica Schonfeld, 2010).  PepsiCo did reportedly jumped on the situation fast, by doing everything the needed to and they did it properly.
After everything i think its is still an amazing idea to inform people of this and just maybe we could get some new interesting brands and companies in the future.
So Go Vote or Post Now

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