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Friday, November 26, 2010

Bell Saves a Displeased, Frustrated Rogers Customer.

Thank You, Justin at The T Booth in the Belleville Quinte Mall for saving me, I highly recommended dealing with him for any kind of phone.  He was straight up, didn’t lie, and got me what I wanted.
As I just blog in my blog; Rogers Loses a Life Time Customers I had a lot of Rogers problems and bell saved me.  Roger kept trying to sell me the stupid Sony Ericsson, now it is not that the X10 didn't look better then the Vivaz Pro, it did but I’m sorry Sony Ericsson, Rogers killed your experience with me, I will never go Sony Ericsson again.
Bell saved me and I love the Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone, it was what I wanted and more.  I don’t care if it was a little more, I care about the service I get from the provider and Rogers just showed me how unprofessional and uneducated they are to me.
To add to it all, Rogers sent me a bill in the mail today for like 50 bucks, it has not even been a week since I purchased their phone and I returned it not even 72 hour after having it, never got to use it because it never worked.  Rogers, you’re funny.
Thank You, again Justin, at The T Booth in Belleville Quinte Mall for saving me.

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